Star Trek N-Gen 2

By fromthebalcony
Written April 30, 2016
Great re-mastering, sound is fantastic and the additional 13 minutes of un before seen footage was best.
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Star Trek fan Must!

By bdn9707
Written May 26, 2016
Can't speak for non-fans, but this was an amazing treat! The highlight was the extended version of "The Measure of a Man." Hadn't seen the original in a long time. The acting and writing were amazing. I couldn't determine which scenes had been excluded for the final cut, but it must have been painful for the editor!
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By coastalkate
Written September 28, 2016
STNG fabulous as always and a treat on the big screen. I especially enjoyed the reunion. What a first class group of actors. Why this series has not won every award in the book baffles me. I hope STNG will be shown on the big screen in its entirity. And yes I would like to see tham all back in action. If they can show mature people in India why not in space. Go for it. I think the series should be mandatory viewing - all ages can get something out of it-first rate acting -moral-plot-directing and a good time watching. Give hope that maybe humans can pull it off after all. coastalkate
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Twice as much fun than I thought it could be.

By walter.morris
Written November 30, 2012
Seriously, I did laugh and cry. The outtakes were plentiful. The behind the scenes interviews showed a lot of the producers original intent that I missed and the crew discussions showed us what the actors were thinking while it was happening. Thanks! W
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Star Trek: The Next Generation-A Season Two Celebration

By GR8Time5
Written September 25, 2016
I loved the 2 features shown, the round-table interviews, and the documentary portions. A bit of everything just like a taste sample at an All-Sweets buffet! Of course this cast and crew are all top-notch... in my opinion, it doesn't get any better. Star Trek is for all ages, but should appeal to the very open-minded, outside-the-box thinkers. I really hope they do this for the release of all 7 seasons! I won't miss one, and will tell everytone to try and catch this once-in-a-lifetime theatre going experience! What an awesome treat!
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