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Great event, poor venue.

By bearheart
Written November 30, 2012
The remastered episodes are wonderful and the extended version of Measure of a Man is perfect! My problem is with the venue -- AMC Desert Ridge in Phoenix AZ. The projector was NOT calibrated for this purpose and the image looked washed out for the entire presentation. I saw the first season event in Ventura CA and it was really well done. Hopefully I can see the season 3 event somewhere else.
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Everything I expected and more!

By connanmc
Written November 30, 2012
This review is going to be biased, simply because I have been a Star Trek fan since childhood. It is always a thrill to see the HD Next Generation episodes on the big screen. I loved the interview with the cast members! It is so awesome to hear their thoughts and feelings looking back on their time with the show. I love the choice of episodes as well. "The Measure of a Man" has been one of my favorites! It was a privilege to see the extended version. The only negative thing was the sound in the theater. We saw it in a brand-new theater, yet the volume was rather low for the actual scenes of the episode. The volume for the opening title and credits and the closing credits was a bit too loud. Of course, this has nothing to do with the movie itself... the theater needs to adjust their sound system. I am looking forward to the next two episodes for Season 3!
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By deanna.trout
Written July 24, 2014
STTNG Celebration of Season 2 was great! Wish we could see more TREKS (STTNG & TOS) on the big screen! The remastered stuff is awesome to watch! Let's have MORE!
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Great presentation was abysmal!

By Chuckingdice
Written September 02, 2014
I went to go see this at the Burbank AMC 16 last night. The episodes were superb, and I loved the extended cut of "Measure of a Man". The theater really dropped the ball though because it was littered with technical problems. It took over four hours to view two episodes of Star Trek TNG. I like Fathom Events like this, but the local AMC really dropped the ball. Don't go to the Burbank AMC 16 to watch these events because it's obvious that they don't know what they're doing there.
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Remastered TNG Looks & Sounds Great

By ackatack
Written September 17, 2014
While there are several advertisements for the first two seasons of TNG on Blu Ray, they have done a great job. The video looks great on the big screen and the surround sound audio is clear and immersive. One of the episodes that they showed, "Measure of a Man", had additional footage and it was great to see the added content. Most of the "specials" are very entertaining and give a great behind-the-scenes look at the show, without being too sappy. My friends and I went to both the season 1 and 2 viewings and were very satisfied with the experience. Overall, I'd recommend the next showing to all Star Trek fans.
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