Watching Next Generation episodes on the big screen? Hell yah!

By forcefeeld
Written May 27, 2016
This is a must go. Its soooo good. Mainly becasue they picked a pair of pretty epic episodes to run on a big screen. On top of that you get the commentary, interviews, and bloopers, all of which adds to some back story behind the creation of this series. I am a big fan of Star Trek, so to all the Trekky's out there, if you enjoy watching movies on the big screen, your gonna love this digitally remastered event. Definitely a must see on any Trekky's list. I hope they do the same thing for the release of the season 3 bluray!
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Great for fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Written November 30, 2012
This event featured two of TNG's best episodes, "Q Who?" (where we first encounter the Borg), and "The Measure of a Man" (where a hearing is held to determine Data's status as Star Fleet property or an individual, sentient being). "The Measure of a Man" included about 12 minutes of restored footage that had been cut from the episode, as it had originally ran too long. It was interesting to see the extra footage, though I could also see that it wasn't quite necessary to the story. The best parts were the extras, including bloopers from second season, a cast reunion, and other interviews with people who worked on the show. It's very interesting to see how things were done, and to learn why certain decisions were made. I gained a lot of insight into what happened as they were making the show. If you have no interest in Star Trek and TNG, then you won't be upset that you missed this. But if you are a fan of TNG and didn't go, you missed a great event.
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I'm a fan!

By showery1
Written October 04, 2015
I love that they are releasing a couple episodes in the theatres. I know that it's mostly a marketing ploy to make you want to buy the blu-ray for all the extras (and it totally works), but being able to see my favorite characters on the big screen is so great! I've attended both the first and second season releases and intend to attend all seven seasons, plus any other ST series that they release! The choice of shows for the Season 1 release was excellent! I totally agreed with those. I wasn't quite in agreement with the second choice for the Season 2 release, but I still enjoyed myself thoroughly.
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By coastalkate
Written May 25, 2016
STNG fabulous as always and a treat on the big screen. I especially enjoyed the reunion. What a first class group of actors. Why this series has not won every award in the book baffles me. I hope STNG will be shown on the big screen in its entirity. And yes I would like to see tham all back in action. If they can show mature people in India why not in space. Go for it. I think the series should be mandatory viewing - all ages can get something out of it-first rate acting -moral-plot-directing and a good time watching. Give hope that maybe humans can pull it off after all. coastalkate
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Great to see episodes on the big screen; Blu Ray promotional material somewhat tedious

By drewmcnaughton
Written November 30, 2012
This was longer than the Season 1 presentation, clocking in at about 3 hours. Prior to showing the first episode, there was a slide show of Season 2 episodes comparing the original image to the remastered image, and it seemed like it went on forever. I kept thinking to myself, "Is this going to be over soon? Do I have time to run and get a soda?" That was followed by a mini-documentary about the production of "Q-Who", which I felt was somewhat unnecessary. Then "Q-Who" came on, which introduced us to the Borg and has terrific acting by Patrick Stewart who is reduced to begging for Q's help when he realizes they are seriously outmatched by the Borg. Following the first episode was highlights from a gag real and cast reunion, both of which will be on the Blu-Ray. These were great to watch. Then there was a short and unnecessary documentary about "A Measure of a Man", which preceded the showing of this profound and classic TNG episode. These presentations are a treat for TNG fans.
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