A movie combo worth taking advantage of

By Joshua23
Written December 06, 2016
So I have already seen both these movies, WWZ was not a big hit with me, but loved ST. So deciding what to do for Labor Day, I came across this movie deal for a price I could not pass up. Its been awhile since I could say I got a good deal at the theater, but this was it. Glad I was able to stumble across this. Worth checking out before it runs out!
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Go for Star Trek; Don't go for World War Z

By jpeters675
Written August 31, 2013
Great movie, first then the worst I've seen in the theather in 31 years. Star Trek was great. World War Z isn't worth anything more than seeing zombies.
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Great Movies

By vwarner
Written July 27, 2016
2nd time viewing Star Trek: Into Darkness, excellent, great action 3D had me squirming in my seat. World War Z was a very different take on the zombie films, ending a little week, but great action.
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World War Z/ Star Trek Into Darkness

By trekkie1701a
Written September 02, 2013
World War Z :Dry predictable characters and a lame script. This movie was one of the worst ZOMBIE movies I've ever seen. It could be improved with less green screen/ CGI and more story. STAR TREK Into Darkness: Prue awesomeness! This is a super thrill ride that finally brings the original characters to life. After watching this JJ Abrams creation, I felt like my beloved STAR TREK was once again alive. This movie alone was worth the price of the ticket. I was so glad I was able to see this movie on the Big Screen one more time!
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Awesome movies!

By demilindsey
Written September 03, 2013
Both movies are very good, definitely worth the price of one. Both keep you on the edge of your seat but be prepared to sit for a while. They play the movies back to back, there's time to use the restroom and get a refill in between them.
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