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Written November 27, 2014
Amazing double feature opportunity! Star Trek Into Darkness is awesome and World War Z was fast-paced action that kept us engaged three hours in. Loved getting the chance to see a real double feature after all these years.
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Double Feature Greatness

By gilwright
Written December 29, 2014
I loved both movies but I absolutely loved the new Star Trek movie. It was fabulous and cannot wait to buy it on Bluray when it comes out.
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Star Trek/World War Z

By Jerry Kopp
Written October 28, 2014
Star Trek: Generally, pretty good story about friendship, loyalty and all the good properties of humans, but too many shades of 911. The reality of 911 was bad enough, without rehashing it in over-the-top destroy the world stuff. World War Z: How many times do zombies take over a city......???? Old story told once too many and poorly done. We left after the first half hour. See it, done it!
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Love the double feature!

By tinapavlik
Written August 31, 2013
Love, love, love this idea! First, it was great value for me and my kids to see two films for the price of one. Secondly, life made me miss STID when it was in the theater the first time so I loved a chance to see it on the big screen after all. Finally, these were two excellent action movies back to back for a movie experience that was just right. Highly recommend catching this double feature this holiday weekend!
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2nd Time

By kbrinsfield
Written November 30, 2014
It was my 2nd time seeing this movie in 3D and I'd go again in a heart beat! I'm a die-hard Trekkie and, still to this day, regret not seeing the last Star Trek at the theater! You MUST see this movie! I will be the first in line to buy the Blu-Ray/3D combo. Already bought the combo pack of both movies on Itunes!
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