Great deal for two 3D movies

By taxi16
Written February 25, 2017
This in a great deal for two 3D movies. I had wanted to watch the Star Trek movie in theaters, but it was no longer available when I had the opportunity to go. Received this e-mail for a double feature movie deal for the Labor Day weekend. The Star Trek movie was AWESOME. The special effects and characters are excellent. I will definitely buy this movie when it hits the stores. The WWZ movie was good. It is another Zombie movie, but it was still a good movie. Both movies were in 3D; which added to the bargain.
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Enjoyed the movies -- most of them

By wiskyrapids
Written January 23, 2017
The Star Trek movie was good. I enjoyed it a lot. World War Z, however, was a little too much with the sudden surprises. My younger son did not like it, and he left the move early. I went with him while my husband and older son watched it. They told me what I missed, and it didn't seem to be something I would care to watch again.
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2 Good movies at a great price

By lisatwin1
Written August 24, 2016
We watched the double feature. Star Trek into Darkness was good, the 3d effects were well done throughout the movie, and everything had "perspective." I like World War Z better, but both were very enjoyable. And the double feature price was a great deal!
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Two Awesome Summer Movies!!

By nickylove
Written June 25, 2016
I saw both of these movies when they were first released in the theaters, so seeing them as a double feature was amazing. Both are great movies and 3D was actually pretty cool (more so for Star Trek than WWZ). I hope more double features are available in the future.
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Afternoon Action Adventure with Captain Kirk and a Host of Zombies

By mk7whiteroses
Written September 04, 2013
So how does a mom of a 22 year old son spend a Labor Day afternoon? We decided to take advantage of the great double feature ticket price to see the latest Trek adventure in space and whether or not Brad Pitt survived a worldwide zombie invasion. The weather was so hot and humid where we live that spending a few hours in the cool theater was not only a great decision, but we loved the latest Trek Into Darkness - especially the very moving scene with Captain Kirk and get how deep that friendship goes. This episode made me see Kirk in a whole new light - great casting with Chris Pine and the special effects were awesome. WWZ was a true zombie-lover treat and this movie provides plenty of chills running up your spine moments without too much gore. I honestly didn't know how it would turn out until the very end. Brad's character is one tough guy in this exciting saga and I loved the strong family values that drove him on. Two for the price of one - see them!
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