Langella Mesmerizing

By LiterateCinemaBuff
Written November 25, 2007
Schiller is a 70-year old writer approached by an ambitious young graduate student for an interview for her thesis. Schiller who has been attempting to complete a novel for the past ten years is not interested but finally coaxed into cooperating. He begins to feel she may somehow propel him toward the completion of his work. Is she using him to further her own career or does she truly care about him? The use and misuse of people is one of the themes as Schiller’s daughter thinks about having a child with her boy friend without telling him her plans! We find everyone has their own agenda. Schiller’s story is not for the fainthearted as he faces his mortality and the race to complete his work before his death. The film is a rarity in its literate approach of the frustration of people to realize themselves and reach each other with words. It is a stunning experience with a strong cast headed by the compellingly beautiful voice of Frank Langella as the vulnerable Schiller.
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Best Film this Year. Exhilaratingly Perfect!

By prfctnINfilms
Written December 15, 2007
How can a director, an editor, a cinematographer, perfect script and exacting choices of actors come together more perfectly than in "Starting Out in the Evening"? It just can't be done better. Maybe you need to be over 50 to really understand these characters, from the young Heather to the middle aged Ariel and her understandably cautious boyfriend Casey, and most especially on to Leonard (Frank Langella), the author and father you cannot absorb so much beauty as is in this perfect work. It speaks to the soul, to the heart, to the mind, to the body and fills you with such awe at it's inspired depth and cohesion. Honestly a perfect film. They just don't make 'em like this very often. Go see this film and be sure you tell your friends and family, too. If you understand the "art" of film, you'll be totally taken away. If Frank Langella does not get the Oscar for his portrayal of Leonard, this world isn't meant to understand art. WOW! and WOW again!
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By Lsag412
Written November 26, 2007
Adnrew Wagner's Starting Out in the Evening is the best movie I've seen in years. It is thought provoking, smart, and wonderfully crafted. A film that you think about long after you've left the theater. Frank Langella, Lili Taylor and Lauren Ambrose are incredible and they're all at their very best here. I've seen this film twice and both times the audience broke out in applause at the end. People sat stunned in their seats long after the credits stopped rolling. Go right away. Take your smartest friends.
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Great performance by Langella

By pomspringz
Written November 27, 2007
Very enjoyable in an off-beat way, particularly for anyone interested in the New York City literary scene. I found the sub-plot with Lili Taylor a little tedious and unnecessary, but the central drama of Langella's and Ambrose's characters was fascinating to watch. May be a little slow for some, but it definitely held my attention and I easily made it all the way through the film. Langella deserves some serious Academy recognition.
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tired plot

By brownman6
Written January 06, 2008
The plot was transparent and the movie slow. Good acting by male lead, young female was not a sympathetic character
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