Starting Out in the Evening Synopsis
A grad student mines the life of a New York writer for her thesis about his novels.
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Langella Mesmerizing

By LiterateCinemaBuff
Schiller is a 70-year old writer approached by an ambitious young graduate student for an interview for her thesis. Schiller who has been attempting to complete a novel for the past ten years is not...

Best Film this Year. Exhilaratingly Perfect!

By prfctnINfilms
How can a director, an editor, a cinematographer, perfect script and exacting choices of actors come together more perfectly than in "Starting Out in the Evening"? It just can't be done better. Maybe...


By Lsag412
Adnrew Wagner's Starting Out in the Evening is the best movie I've seen in years. It is thought provoking, smart, and wonderfully crafted. A film that you think about long after you've left the...

Great performance by Langella

By pomspringz
Very enjoyable in an off-beat way, particularly for anyone interested in the New York City literary scene. I found the sub-plot with Lili Taylor a little tedious and unnecessary, but the central...

tired plot

By brownman6
The plot was transparent and the movie slow. Good acting by male lead, young female was not a sympathetic character...

do not see this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Tyreese de Gibril
this was possibly the worst movie i have ever seen in my life it was a complete waste of money stupid plot and an awful ending...

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Rated PG-13 | For sexual content, language and brief nudity