Cute 80's movie

By chigirl067
Written March 12, 2007
Worth it if you are a James McAvoy fan! Loved the 80s music in the movie too. They captured the time period very well. Cheesy in some bits, but still cute.
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Clever Coming of Age Comedy

By bbc chick
Written March 22, 2007
I don't know why this is in such limited release. Everyone should be lucky enough to see this movie! James McAvoy plays the lovable hero who we're rooting for, even when he's screwing up royally. I saw this with my husband and we both loved it. There's an awesome soundtrack featured in the film, which is set in 1980's Bristol, that mainly consists of The Cure. My husband and I have been listening to Pictures of You nonstop for days. I'm telling everyone to see this movie. It remineded me of a lot of the John Cusak movies from the 80's like The Sure Thing and Better Off Dead. This movie rocks!
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good date movie

By movieslikemoi
Written March 06, 2007
Enjoyable movie. Reminds me of the movies from the 80's that were boy and girl hookup with a little story. It is worth seeing.
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James McAvoy is brilliant

By fortyver
Written February 26, 2007
Love James McAvoy in Shameless and he is brilliant in this lovely flick. Love the addition of the History Boys lads. Great date movie. Looking forward to the cast in other endeavors.
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Score One for Bristol U

By films4fun
Written March 19, 2007
James McAvoy takes this pedestrian story line off square one with his endearing portrayal of the best looking nerd you've seen. A couple of really good laughs, and the rest just keeps you smiling as the predictable plot winds its way along. Be clever and give it a look.
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