We loved it!

By scottlawhome
Written October 25, 2012
This is an excellent collection of shorts. Julia Stiles delivers a brilliantly disturbing monologue in "Sexting". "Friend Request Pending" is a witty critique of social media. “Prodigal” is an interesting thriller. “Not Your Time” is a funny semi-musical by Jason Alexander, featuring cameos with some of Hollywood's most recognizable agents. "After School Special" was quietly unsettling. "Steve" takes you from feeling sad & compassionate for Keira Knightley in her struggling relationship to sad and compassionate for (and ultimately fear of) their quirky neighbor, Colin Firth. Our favorite was "The Procession", a dark comedy with Lily Tomlin, Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Lucy Punch. Great chemistry between the actors, and laugh out loud funny. This film is a real gem - I can see it as the basis for a future sitcom with these actors. We saw Stars in Shorts twice and must admit that the shorts were even better the second time. Highly recommended
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I Love Shorts!

By lilradchick
Written October 19, 2012
Getting lost at a funeral, the Neighbor Steve & the After School Special! Only one vignette bored me a little, but that is the beauty of shorts...if you don't like it just wait a few minutes! This collection is really fun!
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Brilliant performances..,

By Neurmon
Written October 03, 2012
Yet the story lines in and of themselves could not constitute a complete movie. That said, there were some of the scenes which left you wanting more; friend request pending and Steve being at the top of that list. Prodigal is an intriguing throw back to my years of watching the twilight zone, I expected at any moment to hear the Voice of Rod Serling. And I will close with saying After School Spe
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