I loved this movie!!!

By ejara05
Written August 09, 2007
I saw the screening on Tureday and this movie is hilarious, sad, and has lots of fun moments. robert de niro is so hilarious in this movie. Its good for a girls night out and good for adults and kids. I went to see this movie with my mom, aunt, cousin (age 13), boyfriend (age 21), my best friend (age 20) and her boyfriend (age 20) and we all loved it. We are counting the days it comes out on DVD this movie is a keeper!!! MUST GO SEE!!!
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Intelligent Fantasy- Must See!!!

By maiya
Written August 08, 2007
This moving is highly witty, beautiful and magical with the perfect amount of disturbing mixed in. Michelle Pfeiffer is wickedly awesome in her role as the witch Lamia, and Robert De Niro pulls off the funniest performance I've ever seen him do! This movie is a definite must see!!!
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Stardust Shines!

By Phenomenonx
Written July 26, 2007
You might take one look at Stardust and dismiss it for the 13-year-olds. Don't. Granted, 13-year-old girls will certainly love it. Based off author Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel, Stardust comes down to a young shop boy Tristan (Charlie Cox) promising the prettiest girl in the village (Sienna Miller) that he will catch a falling star from the land on the other side of the wall and bring it to her. So, yes, Stardust is a sappy love story. Yet, it manages to channel the Princess Bride with its bawdry humor and one-of-a-kind villains. The villains are so good. From Pfeiffer as a narcissistic witch to Dinero as a flamboyant pirate: the villains in Stardust steal the show. Like all old fairytales, the deaths in Stardust are violent and imaginative, yet too funny and not graphic enough to really upset most children. Men, prep yourselves for some dirty deaths and a grand chick fight. Women, a charming love story. Kids, just smile 'cause (pun, pun) Stardust shines.
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Entertaining for all ages

By Mama_Luvs_Movies
Written August 07, 2007
We made up an ominous group, two ladies- ages 32 & 31, with a parade of children- boys 11, 8, & 4 and girls 9, & 4. If we survived the wait into the theater for the pre-screening, could the movie hold the attention of all? Amazingly, as the second group in line, the wait went quickly and was well worth it!! Other than having to remind them a couple of times to quieten their enthusiasm during the movie, we had an easy evening. Entertaining on different levels, every child was enthralled the entire time, and so were we! They're still talking about it, and enthusiastically marking the days until it comes out on DVD since it is, as they love to rate it, "A Keeper!"
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surprisingly good!

By shoelover1012
Written August 08, 2007
i have been disappointed in most fantasy books make into movies, so i was not expecting much for stardust. boy, was i wrong. it was beautiful, tense, and hilarious at times. perfect for the family!
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