One of the greatest films in cinematic history!

By HamillPriceFoleyGuy
Written June 22, 2012
Not only did this film redefine the way we view movies, it redefined the way we create them! George Lucas, along with Steven Spielberg, helped redefine the summer blockbuster and bring in another age of adventurous films with great action scenes, a special connection between the cast of characters, and things we'd never before seen. The dogfights between the TIE fighters and the X-Wing fighters, the lightsaber battle, the dark lord of the Sith Darth Vader himself, a young farm boy (Luke Skywalker), droids (R2-D2 and C-3PO) , a young princess (Leia), a tough rogue (Han Solo) and his faithful companion (Chewbacca)-- all characters and aspects that are embedded in our minds from this one film! Whether or not you like George Lucas, this film started it all! To not have seen this film in this day and age is a marvel in itself!
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Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

By jwelch5742
Written February 02, 2012
It was great film. It got great Art Direction, Costume Design, Sound mixing, sound effects Editing, Film Editing, Visual Effects and wonderful Original Score.
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How can you not like "Star Wars"? May the force be with you if it isn't young padawon.

By Dominic LeRose
Written December 26, 2014
George Lucas began somewhere like everyone else. His work with the "Star Wars"franchise was initially rejected to even start off by multiple production companies until "Dreamworks" finally bought it. "Star Wars" isn't for everyone, but it's an experience everyone needs to fulfill. Not only did this change the way films were made and give way to modern-day classics, but it started a franchise that millions of people have in their hearts to this day. The blazing originality behind Lucas' mastery is profound in perhaps the coolest way. Space ships, giant bears, light-sabers, all the funky names, and groundbreaking visuals hold the veil over almost any other cinematic advancement. The franchise became a hit due to the uniqueness and originality that no one had every dreamed of. Ironically, it gave way to about six more films after the original trilogy was created. All with one idea to the next did George Lucas make history. A franchise that has been digitally remastered and controlled the theme of a museum isn't just a film. It's a continuous story that is still appreciated by people on every continent. Is it my favorite film franchise? Not even close. I have the utmost respect for the masterminds in creating this film, because it was an important part of my childhood and has contributed more to social and economic factors that almost any work of art to date.
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my star wars 4 a new hope review

By lord-o-movies
Written June 29, 2008
great movie a great movie great movie great movie great movie it was uh.....pretty good
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9/10 - Not "A New Hope". Not "Episode IV". Just simply "Star Wars".

By ThatCooperGuy
Written December 14, 2015
"Really, what else can be said about “Star Wars” that just hasn’t already been said for decades now? The cinematography is beautiful, the music is brilliant, the characters are great, and the directing is surprisingly good. This was probably the only good “Star Wars” movie George Lucas ever directed and he had several people making suggestions for him to try new things and maybe change his mind on a couple things. It’s like I always say, “One man can’t make a movie.” I just can’t describe how brilliant the original “Star Wars” is. If you could, hunt down the original version of this film (via VHS / 2006 DVD / Despecialized Edition) and enjoy 120 minutes of one of the most important and greatest movies ever made."
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