Stanley Baker
Date of Birth
Feb 08, 1927
Birth Place:
Ferndale, Rhondda Valley, Wales

Worked With

Year Name Title
1975 Sarah Miles Pepita Jimenez
1974 Sarah Miles Bride to Be
1974 Brian Cox The Changeling
1974 Helen Mirren The Changeling
1974 Alain Delon Zorro
1972 Geraldine Chaplin Innocent Bystanders
1972 Dana Andrews Innocent Bystanders
1972 Donald Pleasence Innocent Bystanders
1971 Ginette Leclerc The Butterfly Affair
1971 Claudia Cardinale The Butterfly Affair
1971 Leo Genn A Lizard in a Woman's Skin
1971 Claudia Cardinale Queen of Diamonds
1970 Fritz Weaver The Games
1970 Sam Elliott The Games
1970 Ryan O'Neal The Games
1970 Marianne Stone The Games
1970 Jeremy Kemp The Games
1970 Charles Aznavour The Games
1970 Basil Dignam The Games
1970 Richard Attenborough The Last Grenade
1970 Alex Cord The Last Grenade
1970 Julian Glover The Last Grenade
1970 Andrew Keir The Last Grenade
1970 Honor Blackman The Last Grenade
1970 David Warner Perfect Friday
1970 Ursula Andress Perfect Friday
1969 Alan Badel Where's Jack?
1969 Eddie Byrne Where's Jack?
1969 Fiona Lewis Where's Jack?
1969 Esmond Knight Where's Jack?
1969 Ivan Dixon Where's Jack?
1969 George Woodbridge Where's Jack?
1969 Noel Purcell Where's Jack?
1969 Michael Douglas Where's Jack?
1968 Monica Vitti La Ragazza con la Pistola
1967 Alexander Knox Accident
1967 Vivien Merchant Accident
1967 Dirk Bogarde Accident
1967 Freddie Jones Accident
1967 Harold Pinter Accident
1967 Michael York Accident
1967 Delphine Seyrig Accident
1967 Kurt Kasznar Code Name: Heraclitus
1967 Jack Weston Code Name: Heraclitus
1967 Signe Hasso Code Name: Heraclitus
1967 Sheree North Code Name: Heraclitus
1967 Ricardo Montalban Code Name: Heraclitus
1967 Leslie Nielsen Code Name: Heraclitus
1967 Barry Foster Robbery
1967 Frank Finlay Robbery
1967 Joanna Pettet Robbery
1967 James Booth Robbery
1965 Juliet Prowse Dingaka
1965 Susannah York Sands of the Kalahari
1965 Stuart Whitman Sands of the Kalahari
1965 Nigel Davenport Sands of the Kalahari
1965 Theodore Bikel Sands of the Kalahari
1965 Harry Andrews Sands of the Kalahari
1964 Michael Caine Zulu
1964 Ulla Jacobsson Zulu
1964 Jack Hawkins Zulu
1964 Patrick Magee Zulu
1964 James Booth Zulu
1964 Richard Burton Zulu
1964 Nigel Green Zulu
1963 Jean Seberg In the French Style
1962 Joseph Losey Eva
1962 Jeanne Moreau Eva
1962 Virna Lisi Eva
1962 Vittorio De Sica Eva
1962 Mai Zetterling The Man Who Finally Died
1962 Peter Cushing The Man Who Finally Died
1962 Niall MacGinnis The Man Who Finally Died
1962 Eric Portman The Man Who Finally Died
1962 Nigel Green The Man Who Finally Died
1962 Tom Bell A Prize of Arms
1962 Patrick Magee A Prize of Arms
1962 Michael Ripper A Prize of Arms
1962 Anouk Aimée Sodom and Gomorrah
1962 Stewart Granger Sodom and Gomorrah
1962 Rossana Podestà Sodom and Gomorrah
1962 Anna Maria Pier Angeli Sodom and Gomorrah
1961 Gregory Peck The Guns of Navarone
1961 David Niven The Guns of Navarone
1961 Irene Papas The Guns of Navarone
1961 Gia Scala The Guns of Navarone
1961 Anthony Quayle The Guns of Navarone
1961 Bryan Forbes The Guns of Navarone
1961 Percy Herbert The Guns of Navarone
1961 James Robertson Justice The Guns of Navarone
1961 Richard Harris The Guns of Navarone
1961 Anthony Quinn The Guns of Navarone
1961 Tutte Lemkow The Guns of Navarone
1960 Patrick Wymark The Criminal
1960 Sam Wanamaker The Criminal
1960 Roy Dotrice The Criminal
1960 Tom Bell The Criminal
1960 Jill Bennett The Criminal
1960 Nigel Green The Criminal
1960 Murray Melvin The Criminal
1960 Patrick Magee The Criminal
1960 Laurence Naismith The Criminal
1960 Donald Pleasence Hell Is a City
1960 Peter Madden Hell Is a City
1960 Billie Whitelaw Hell Is a City
1959 Robert Mitchum The Angry Hills
1959 Kieron Moore The Angry Hills
1959 Donald Wolfit The Angry Hills
1959 Theodore Bikel The Angry Hills
1959 Sebastian Cabot The Angry Hills
1959 Gia Scala The Angry Hills
1959 Gordon Jackson Blind Date
1959 Hardy Kruger Blind Date
1959 Micheline Presle Blind Date
1959 Robert Flemyng Blind Date
1959 Sybil Thorndike Jet Storm
1959 Richard Attenborough Jet Storm
1959 Hermione Baddeley Jet Storm
1959 Mai Zetterling Jet Storm
1959 George Rose Jet Storm
1959 Glyn Houston Jet Storm
1959 Megs Jenkins Jet Storm
1959 Harry Secombe Jet Storm
1959 Diane Cilento Jet Storm
1959 David Kossoff Jet Storm
1959 Gordon Jackson Yesterday's Enemy
1959 Russell Waters Yesterday's Enemy
1959 Percy Herbert Yesterday's Enemy
1959 Barry Foster Yesterday's Enemy
1959 Leo McKern Yesterday's Enemy
1959 Bryan Forbes Yesterday's Enemy
1958 Dermot Walsh Sea Fury
1958 Percy Herbert Sea Fury
1958 Barry Foster Sea Fury
1958 Victor McLaglen Sea Fury
1958 Robert Shaw Sea Fury
1958 David McCallum Violent Playground
1958 Clifford Evans Violent Playground
1958 Anne Heywood Violent Playground
1958 Peter Cushing Violent Playground
1957 Dirk Bogarde Campbell's Kingdom
1957 John Laurie Campbell's Kingdom
1957 James Robertson Justice Campbell's Kingdom
1957 Finlay Currie Campbell's Kingdom
1957 Michael Craig Campbell's Kingdom
1957 Herbert Lom Hell Drivers
1957 Beatrice Varley Hell Drivers
1957 Marianne Stone Hell Drivers
1957 John Miller Hell Drivers
1957 David McCallum Hell Drivers
1957 Patrick McGoohan Hell Drivers
1957 Gordon Jackson Hell Drivers
1957 John Horsley Hell Drivers
1957 Peggy Cummins Hell Drivers
1957 Sean Connery Hell Drivers
1957 Wilfred Lawson Hell Drivers
1957 Jill Ireland Hell Drivers
1956 Michael Hordern Alexander the Great
1956 Peter Cushing Alexander the Great
1956 Niall MacGinnis Alexander the Great
1956 Barry Jones Alexander the Great
1956 Helmut Dantine Alexander the Great
1956 Danielle Darrieux Alexander the Great
1956 Claire Bloom Alexander the Great
1956 Harry Andrews Alexander the Great
1956 Richard Burton Alexander the Great
1956 Fredric March Alexander the Great
1956 Michael Medwin Checkpoint
1956 Andrea Malandrinos Checkpoint
1956 Maurice Denham Checkpoint
1956 Anne Heywood Checkpoint
1956 Lee Patterson Checkpoint
1956 James Robertson Justice Checkpoint
1956 Phyllis Calvert Child in the House
1956 Eric Portman Child in the House
1956 Percy Herbert Child in the House
1956 Victor Maddern Child in the House
1956 Robert Shaw Hell in Korea
1956 Michael Medwin Hell in Korea
1956 Percy Herbert Hell in Korea
1956 Victor Maddern Hell in Korea
1956 Michael Caine Hell in Korea
1956 Harry Andrews Hell in Korea
1956 Stephen Boyd Hell in Korea
1955 Torin Thatcher Helen of Troy
1955 Niall MacGinnis Helen of Troy
1955 Esmond Knight Helen of Troy
1955 Marc Lawrence Helen of Troy
1955 Jacques Sernas Helen of Troy
1955 Rossana Podestà Helen of Troy
1955 Cedric Hardwicke Helen of Troy
1955 Brigitte Bardot Helen of Troy
1955 Eduardo Ciannelli Helen of Troy
1955 Harry Andrews Helen of Troy
1955 Robert Douglas Helen of Troy
1955 Michael Gough Richard III
1955 Cedric Hardwicke Richard III
1955 Laurence Olivier Richard III
1955 Michael Ripper Richard III
1955 Ralph Richardson Richard III
1955 Laurence Naismith Richard III
1955 Pamela Brown Richard III
1955 John Laurie Richard III
1955 George Woodbridge Richard III
1955 Esmond Knight Richard III
1955 Claire Bloom Richard III
1955 Patrick Troughton Richard III
1955 John Gielgud Richard III
1955 Douglas Wilmer Richard III
1955 Bill Shine Richard III
1954 Marianne Stone The Good Die Young
1954 John Ireland The Good Die Young
1954 Richard Basehart The Good Die Young
1954 Margaret Leighton The Good Die Young
1954 Freda Jackson The Good Die Young
1954 Gloria Grahame The Good Die Young
1954 George Rose The Good Die Young
1954 Lee Patterson The Good Die Young
1954 Laurence Harvey The Good Die Young
1954 Robert Morley The Good Die Young
1954 Jill Bennett Hell Below Zero
1954 Glyn Houston Hell Below Zero
1954 Alan Ladd Hell Below Zero
1954 Basil Sydney Hell Below Zero
1954 Niall MacGinnis Hell Below Zero
1954 Ginger Rogers Twist of Fate
1954 Marianne Stone Twist of Fate
1954 Eddie Byrne Twist of Fate
1954 Herbert Lom Twist of Fate
1954 Coral Browne Twist of Fate
1953 Moira Lister The Cruel Sea
1953 Russell Waters The Cruel Sea
1953 Sam Kydd The Cruel Sea
1953 Megs Jenkins The Cruel Sea
1953 Don Sharp The Cruel Sea
1953 Liam Redmond The Cruel Sea
1953 Bruce Seton The Cruel Sea
1953 Alec McCowen The Cruel Sea
1953 Virginia McKenna The Cruel Sea
1953 Glyn Houston The Cruel Sea
1953 Denholm Elliott The Cruel Sea
1953 Jack Hawkins The Cruel Sea
1953 Robert Taylor Knights of the Round Table
1953 Dana Wynter Knights of the Round Table
1953 Mel Ferrer Knights of the Round Table
1953 Niall MacGinnis Knights of the Round Table
1953 Felix Aylmer Knights of the Round Table
1953 Ava Gardner Knights of the Round Table
1953 Michael Kelly Paratrooper
1953 Victor Maddern Paratrooper
1953 Leo Genn Paratrooper
1953 Harry Locke Paratrooper
1953 Donald Houston Paratrooper
1953 Alan Ladd Paratrooper
1953 Anton Diffring Paratrooper
1953 Harry Andrews Paratrooper
1953 James Mason The Tell-Tale Heart
1952 Herbert Lom Whispering Smith vs. Scotland Yard
1952 Greta Gynt Whispering Smith vs. Scotland Yard
1952 Reginald Beckwith Whispering Smith vs. Scotland Yard
1952 Laurence Naismith Whispering Smith vs. Scotland Yard
1952 Richard Carlson Whispering Smith vs. Scotland Yard
1952 Ben Williams Whispering Smith vs. Scotland Yard
1951 Virginia Mayo Captain Horatio Hornblower
1951 Christopher Lee Captain Horatio Hornblower
1951 Kynaston Reeves Captain Horatio Hornblower
1951 Denis O'Dea Captain Horatio Hornblower
1951 Gregory Peck Captain Horatio Hornblower
1951 Robert Beatty Captain Horatio Hornblower
1951 James Robertson Justice Captain Horatio Hornblower
1951 Colin Tapley Cloudburst
1951 Edward Lexy Cloudburst
1951 Robert Preston Cloudburst
1951 George Woodbridge Cloudburst
1951 Glyn Houston Home to Danger
1951 Ben Williams Lilli Marlene
1951 Carl Jaffe Lilli Marlene
1950 Frederick Leister The Rossiter Case
1950 Henry Edwards The Rossiter Case
1949 Leslie Banks Eye Witness
1949 James Hayter Eye Witness
1949 Robert Montgomery Eye Witness
1949 Felix Aylmer Eye Witness
1949 Ruth Lee Eye Witness
1949 Michael Ripper Eye Witness
1949 Richard Wattis Eye Witness
1949 Naunton Wayne Obsession
1949 Robert Newton Obsession
1949 Roddy Hughes Obsession
1949 Allan Jeayes Obsession
1949 Russell Waters Obsession
1949 Sally Gray Obsession
1943 Finlay Currie Undercover
1943 Tom Walls Undercover
1943 Godfrey Tearle Undercover
1943 Niall MacGinnis Undercover
1943 Ben Williams Undercover
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