By collision101
Written February 07, 2014
For those who are searching for a glimpse into the halcyon days of "Affluenza" as a legal defense, you'll thrill to see this movie of the young, white male who shot a Mexican day-laborer in the back with a shotgun and walked away scot-free. It's truly an uplifting tale for today's young, white men overcoming the odds they face in this prejudicial world that only seeks to keep them down. Finally, the legal system worked for this young man, despite all odds, and let this man return to society where he can continue his life and allow family members to profit from his actions. Huzzah, I say! If you're on the fence about it, take my advice and GO SEE IT! Take comfort in the fact that you can shoot a man in the back and walk away. You'll never sleep easier. A++
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Great movie for those who have strong Christian beliefs or are wavering

By rjoywalker
Written January 20, 2014
This movie encompasses a lot of Christian ideologies. It is a faith based movie and had the appropriate twist interns and dramatic pauses. Cameron Arnett played a powerful attorney and as an attorney I must say he did a believable job.
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Stand Your Ground

By jackiecarp56
Written February 01, 2014
I have viewed it ten times and every time I take something different away...only God can give such a GIFT OF HOPE!
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stick to writing books

By brbrmstrno1
Written February 18, 2014
Should have been a made for TV movie at best. I was told the book was a good read but I guess they could not find a way to translate that to the screen.Probably shound not have tried,guess they needed to pay some hefty lawyers fees. I would not admit to going.The acting,must have found them at the local church playhouse.
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Emotional, faith based movie!

By rkpowell85
Written January 18, 2014
Emotional, faith based movie! Very well done!
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