Old Pros at Work

By olewso
Written February 08, 2013
Watching a bunch of true professionals at work is always worthwhile. The characters were made live and believable. Pair that with a good story, well paced and told and you have a fun, well spent two hours. Movie-making as it should be.
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Great Cast/Great Fun

By Moviegoing Grandma
Written July 28, 2014
Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin are pitch perfect in their roles as washed-up bad guys on their last legs. The deadpan humor was hilarious with a touch of pathos for the situation they find themselves in. The ending (you have to see it) is perfect.
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Stand up Guys

By wkr@themovies
Written February 03, 2013
It was not predictable....it had heart....we laughed....we cheered. It was a fun ride and, like Silver Linings" it was not what you may be expexting when knowing it is about a reunion of 3 old thugs. Go see it! You will be glad you did.
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By grammy_1950
Written February 03, 2013
It was a very funny movie and would love to see it again. All parts were played very well and the ending was not what I expected but still a great movie to see. I think the acting was top notched. The cinematograthy was at it's best. It is not for kids or even teens but a great movie for the well aged adults.
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Stand Up Guys is a great movie

By BearMagMom
Written February 03, 2013
My husband and I found it very entertaining. The story was great and it kept us engaged until the very end. The acting was first class. Brought quite a few laughs with the audience throughout the movie. I found it a very entertaining movie. Highly recommend it.
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