Stand Up Guys Synopsis
Geriatric gangsters (Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, Alan Arkin) have one last night on the town.
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Stand Up Guys

By kevburnz
Really enjoyed the movie. It was nice to go to a movie that wasn't high tech special effect overkill. There was actually a story to this movie that you understood almost immediately. Pacino and...

pretty good

By casey.gilmartin04
I enjoyed this movie and the characters. had a good story, and decent action, and even a little comedy. The critics must of seen a different movie. Sure it wasn't great, but it was worth it....

Great screen chemistry

By Mr Critique
These guys feed off each other quite well. Pacino as the ex-con who knows he is going to get clipped and Walken as the only friend he has. Story moves good, the repribution scene for the lady who was...

Destined to be a classic...

By moviefanPA
This movie has the same feel as a Quentin Tarantino film. When you put Pacino and Walken together on screen the result in this movie is magic. Alan Arken's arrival is when the movie peaks -- and...

Directed by Oscar Winner Fisher Stevens

By abfabwords
Just incase you didn't know - Fisher who directed this has an Oscar in his pocket for The Cove, a beautiful documentary. This has a stellar cast - give it a shot, it's worth it just to see them...

Why did Pacino agree to this

By Skigal
This is the worst movie I have seen in years - I walked out after the car chase - really stupid - don't waste your money...


By findingmimo
It was OK. Wouldn't recommend it to any of the people I know. Only one or two good moments; the rest, juvenile humor. One hard-on too many....

You can either have some gum or go see this movie. And you are all out of gum.

By annies_way
Pacino & Walken - how can you NOT see this? I would watch these guys freakin' fold laundry and enjoy it. What a great duet - these two had a blast making the film, and we get to watch. If you didn't...

Get out of the cold and see this movie

By bartab
Al Pacino and Christopher Walken worked well together.Yes,some of the jokes were on the corny side (use of Viagra) but with these fine actors you go with it. This was an entertaining comedy with a lot...

Stand up Guys

By wkr@themovies
It was not had heart....we laughed....we cheered. It was a fun ride and, like Silver Linings" it was not what you may be expexting when knowing it is about a reunion of 3 old thugs....

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Rated R | For Language, Brief Drug Use, Sexual Content and Violence
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Common Sense Media says Amusing but vulgar, violent "old school" crime comedy.
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