What parents need to know

Parents need to know that Standing Up takes a hard, earnest look at an act of cruel bullying, its aftermath, and profound effect on two vulnerable kids, ages 11 and 12. Based on The Goats, by Brock Cole, a popular and highly recommended book for kids 10-14, the film contains some scenes and situations that may be disturbing for very young or tender viewers. In addition to an initial prank where the kids are abandoned naked in the woods, the girl is later intimidated by the clumsy sexual advances of a teen bully. Also the two kids find themselves threatened by a seedy deputy sheriff, and a young boy reveals himself to be the victim of physical abuse by a parent. Still, the movie is an ideal starting point for important discussions about rejection, self-worth, empathy, and, above all, standing up for oneself.
  • Parents and kids can discuss different types of bullying that they've seen at school, on the playground, at work, etc. What are the potential results of standing by and doing nothing? What are the potential results of standing up for those who are being bullied?
  • Talk about some of the illegal and dishonest things that Howie and Grace had to do in order to survive. Were their actions forgivable? Why or why not?
  • Camp staff members talked about the hurtful prank as a tradition. Can you think of other instances of humiliating and mean behavior that might be thought of as traditional in schools, social clubs, or the work place? Is this acceptable? If not, how would you propose ending those activities?
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