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Excellent M-Violence

Written March 02, 2014
Wonderful 3D directing. A realistic drama during war, not so much military history. Wonderful plot, superb acting, development & excitement, even romance & nostalgia. Some stereotypes, but what do you expect? that helps keep track of the characters!
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By spencerefhart
Written March 01, 2014
First foreign film for my 18 yr old son and he had one word: "AWESOME" Great movie that held our attention without the slower scenes ever being without edge of our seat enthusiasm. Sub-titles did not distract at all, as the dialoque wasn't too deep as to not follow with the scenes. As far as the Director and actors, this film was well made and the characters all held their own in each scene. Action scenes were bloody without being un-realistic, Overall an "A" movie that should get some following as word of mouth spreads it around to many areas. Not just for Russian speaking audiences or the artsy type.
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Outstanding in every aspect.

By YFZdad
Written March 03, 2014
Amazing, believable special effects. Outstanding script and acting. R is a bit strong of a rating, but it's bloody at times. If you like war movies this is the one for you. Subtitles, but not distracting, easy to read and watch the fantastic action at the same time. It's a love story and the film slows down the last 45 minutes for that to develop. What's not to like? We loved it.
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sentimental version

By wrjoyce
Written March 02, 2014
First, WAY TO LOUD, people walked out during the war scene, no need for the volume being turned up. It is a Hollywood style movie, Russians good Germans bad, Just not a very good movie Important message lost with all the explosions and sentimental direction
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Battle scenes as good as Saving Private Ryan

By Rickclouse84
Written March 03, 2014
Browsing movies to go see for the weekend. Not surprizing the non advertising of this movie with all the tension in Crimea right now. Saw this and watched trailer. Thought it was interesting but not something my wife would see. I was wrong. She loved it!!! The battle scenes were as good if not better than Saving Private Ryan and the "love" story that unfolds makes sense in the context as it is not what you would expect and it takes NOTHING from the action. The battle scenes at the crossing of the Volga will have you sitting with your mouth open (especially if you know anything about military history) and the lengths the Russians went to defend their city. Not a big fan of subtitles but they did not interfere with the movie too much. Highly recommended and I would go see it agauin with my buddies. YOU MUST SEE IN IMAX!!!
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