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  • December 4, 2011
  • NR , 2 hr 30 min
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    Music/Performing Arts
St. Olaf Christmas Festival LIVE Synopsis
More than 500 musicians perform a Christmas concert on the campus of Minnesota's St. Olaf College.

Movie Reviews

St Olaf

By louise a
The show was well done and a delight to experience. The sound was great.. only complaint was the half dozen or more times the screen halted and pixilated and the sound and show were interrupted, This...

St Olaf Christmas Festival

By lindaroseegge
The venue was awesome and I loved th history of St Olaf and choir at the beginning. We thought it started at 12:30 since everything that was printed including the tickets said 12:30 and then it did...

100 th St, Olaf Christmas Festival

By ptcharlotte_teacher
If you have ever sung in a choir or enjoy choral singing, this is a must see. It was 2 solid hours of superior choral singing a wide variety of Christmas music from around the world. I enjoyed it...

St.Olaf Christmas Festival

By robert_doan
We have had 3 children and 2 grandchildren graduate from St. Olaf; so we have been to a number of Christmas Festivals over almost 40 years. This was our first simulcast. We expect the thrilling and...

St. Olaf Christmas Festival

By poppy14seed
This was a wonderful concert of sacred Christmas music by a critically-acclaimed choir. The choir was started 100 years ago at this liberal arts college. The Festival has become so highly-attended...

A Fantastic Performance

By Katmil426
The 100th St. Olaf Christmas Festival was fantastic! The quality of the choral and instrumental music is very high, and the performance was well organized and ran smoothly. Of course this all meant...

St. Olaf Christmas Concert

By 22organplayer
This was my first simulcast event. I'm hooked. I have been to a great many concerts of this nature, live, and as enjoyable as they are, seeing it on the big screen with a front row, center seat and no...

Rejoice give thanks and sing -- St Olaf

By choohoo
A fantastic experience to hear and see this college on a big screen. Beautiful! almost felt as though we were in the in the audience at the center at St. Olaf. Only sorry that more people did not...

St. Olaf Christmas Festival LIVE

By ksprob
I got to the theatre 30 minutes before the announced starting time. The preformance began 1/2 hour late and was precceded by a "commercial" for St. Olaf's College. Both facts tarnished what...

Content great- horrible video problems

By bwesty
We were very lucky that the audio came through flawlessly because we were still able to enjoy this amazing concert. Unfortunately, the video quality was terrible- so jumpy, flashy and unreliable...

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