Not as was better

By howdini
Written September 03, 2011
Took kids to see this movie and i must say i liked it a lot. The story begins great and keeps you guessing for a while about who is the masked man. The action was interesting to say the least. How did she do that? I asked my self several times. You have to go see in order to find out! This could be a repeat movie for me. Oh, don't forget it 4d - the aroma awaiting...
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3D works, 4D doesn't

By dudelovesmovies
Written September 24, 2011
Scratch n Sniff card was a fail in my opinion, but the movie was enjoyable.
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Kids LOVED it!

By DianneScrofano
Written September 11, 2011
Definitely a fun movie for kids. I thought it was great that they brought back the two kids from the first Spy Kids - and they are all grown up! Not a movie most adults would love, but it is a tolerable kids movie with a great message - take time to be with the ones you love and don't keep pushing doing that off with some future career goal. The kids recited lines from the movie for the rest of the day and they laughed and laughed. They had been begging to go see that movie for weeks and they liked it so much that I think that for them (ages 7, 9, and10) it was a MUST GO. For all you moms out there - Jeremy Piven is in the move (from Entourage)! My scratch and sniff card didn't seem to work, but I really didn't care. The kids thought the scratch and sniff was really cool so I guess theirs must have worked just fine.
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Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D (3D) review

By Trekker-Tom
Written August 25, 2011
This was good, but i didn't care for the scach off card, could not gat anything from it.
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very funny

Written August 20, 2011
we really enjoy the movie
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