Spy Kids 4

By windy17
Written September 19, 2011
We went and saw the 4D(3D) version of this. My children loved to movie. Not as good as the first three but enjoyable (on my part). The 'smellivision cards' need some work though (didn't work well) was neat that 'Carmen & Juney' were both in this movie as adults (confused the kids for a bit though). Great movie for the whole Family.
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Spy Kids: All the time in the world

By klukarn22
Written August 26, 2011
This film was cute and the acting was fine. Good for kids. The only negative was the disgusting aromascope (?) paper so you can "smell" the film. All smelled the same - like bad bathroom deodorizer - yuk!! Skip the smell part and stick to the 3-D glasses.
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only for fans 10 and under

By skipusername
Written August 21, 2011
For my 8yo daughter, we had a spy kids movie marathon and end of summer sleepover. We watched all 3 movies at home and then went out to see the movie. For 5 8yo girls, going out at night in pj's, spy hats and glasses, it was very thrilling. The movie was perfectly geared for this age group and their mood. It was fun,fun, silly, willy for them and I laughed the whole time at their cleverness and how they bought in to the whole theme thing. A memorable experience for all. They did not like the smellovision idea of smelling the card. They thought it disruptive to the movie. But the over acting and hygenic humor was perfectly suited. If you're over 10 years old, you will think the movie sucked.
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spy kids

By Fire_Bird
Written September 02, 2011
A very bad movie! Skip this one!
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My kids have grown up with Spy Kids

Written August 29, 2011
My kids have grown up and loved all the Spy Kids movies. We took our kids to see this one on my daughter's 8th bday. They loved it. We saw it in 3D. The Spell-a-vision was a little of a let down. They gave us a scratch and sniff card with numbers on it. When you would see a # on the screen, you were suppose to sniff that # on the card. We thought they would have a scent sprayed into the audience. The card was lame. Nice to see Juni and Carmen in it all grown up. Missed Antonio Banderas though. The movie had a good message and my kids liked it, so all in all it was good.
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