By dstoker
Written August 20, 2011
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Kids will like it save $$ and skip "4D" version

By Sara981
Written August 20, 2011
movie was somewhat entertaining and my son liked it, but no real benefit to seeing in 3D aaand the 4th D (aromavision or whatever) consisted of a card full of scratch and sniff panels that all smelled the same and didn't even correspiond with the plot. Take kids to a matinee so you won't blow all your hard-earned money on this predictable flick. Oh, can Jessica Alba only play one character- herself? It's tired.
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Maybe OK to rent but definitely not worth 3D price

By tmmacara
Written August 20, 2011
And the smells aren't worth anything extra, either.
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Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D (3D) review

By SeanCriticReviews
Written August 26, 2011
I really loved the first 3, but this was is just a big piece of^%&*
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i kinda wanna see it but i dont no

By korkk
Written August 19, 2011
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