A waste of time

By thebouris
Written September 17, 2011
Don't waste your time or money. Although really little kids will find some of it funny, older ones (10+) will find it terrible...
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4 D - a total waste

By ssherry999
Written August 21, 2011
The movie kept the interest of my three grandchildren. However, I wonder how much more it cost per ticket for the 4-D effect. Nothing more than an index card with 8 scratch offs that all smelled the same. Imagine a dark movie theatre and a number blinking on the screen that tells you which number to scratch off and smell. You have about five seconds to scratch and smell as the movie moves on. Kids have a hard time finding the number in the dark let alone scratch and smell. They were upset they all seemed to smell the same. Would have enjoyed the movie without the 4-d effect more.
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By Knelsen85
Written September 03, 2011
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Never understood why they said this was 4D

By peterdwong
Written August 22, 2011
I think it was inaccurate to have called it 4D. It was a smart gimmick but it wasnt really true.
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Spy Kids

By Cole2010
Written August 22, 2011
We just watched Spy Kids-it was good and really nice to see the kids from the original movies. The scratch and sniff card was stupid.
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