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By kimstahh
Written September 06, 2011
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The Critics Are Wrong...It's A Lot Of Fun And Created For Kids, Not Critics.

By Al P
Written August 24, 2011
Another spy adventure made for kids, about kids, starring kids. It's unlikely anyone over the age of 12 would enjoy this half as much as would that former age group. It's definitely not a bad movie and even includes a novel Aroma add-in the kids should love. If you're looking for an epic and sweeping drama look elsewhere, but as kid’s movies go, this one is far from bad. Want to see a bad kids movie? See Cars 2 or the Smurfs. Otherwise I think most kids would enjoy this, but there's always that overly stimulated group who've become desensitized to this type of entertainment because of the internet and video games. You be the judge. The kids I saw it with thoroughly enjoyed it and I laughed aloud at the jokes and gags a number of times myself. It's fair to say this is worth the price of today's tickets if you want a fun adventure with the kids. There are far too few kid-safe movies like this one being made these days. See it. You won't be disappointed.
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By kidqa
Written August 23, 2011
promised to look after a friends cat for the week. My place has a glass atrium that goes through two levels, I have put the cat in there with enough food and water to last the week. I am looking forward to the end of the week. It is just sitting there glaring at me, it doesn't do anything else. I can tell it would like to kill me. If I knew I could get a perfect replacement cat, I would kill this
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By JConright
Written September 07, 2011
I've been a fan of the first three movies, but even my seven year - old didn't like this one... she claimed that it was "really dumb." Of course the aroma cards didn't work, but I hadn't expected them to in the first place. They, however, worked much better than the plot and story line! Wait for the DVD so that when the kids start complaining, you can just shut it off without being out nearly $40 after tickets and snacks!
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Movie Stinks

By hoslermark
Written August 20, 2011
Way too many jokes about poop and pasing gas. The movie stunk. Why do the movie makers have to put so much garbage in these kids' movies? It only warps their thinking. Can't they make a clean movie anymore?
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