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Bad acting bad story

By coolguymovie
Written January 02, 2012
This is the worse spy movie EVER!! Bad acting bad story lame plot stupid characters stupid action sequences hey company! Do NOT MAKE ANY MORE SPY KID MOVIE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Spy Kids: All the Time in the World review

By juju9705
Written September 22, 2011
i need to
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By danaberry99
Written July 17, 2013
Absolute garbage. Worst movie of the year for sure. Bad acting, bad plot, bad special effects, all of its bad. Don't ever watch this ever.
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Rating Spy Kids: All the time in the world

By msofcr
Written September 16, 2011
The movies was awesome so much so that my daughter and I had a great time. The theater was ok in our treatment except for a couple of things. The theater employee claimed not to have anymore equipment that comes with the movie. The other employees were standing around and not working. Also we didnt feel welcomed by others while retrieving our tickets. But outside of that, the overall the movies experience was great.
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Great sequel!

By the tired one
Written September 02, 2011
We loved the movie and 3D. It was great to see the original spy kids grown up. I'm glad they had the same actors involved. The new kids were just as good as the old ones. My daughter says "Awesome movie!!" The smelling part in the movie was a little strange. All of my scratch and sniff smelled like candy.
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