• Released
  • July 22, 2013
  • (Additonal screening on 7/30/13)
  • NR , 1 hr 45 min
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    Music History

3 words... past, present, future

By budandburgers
Written February 11, 2016
Great film... without spoiling the film, fans were asked for 3 words to describe Bruce and his music. My three are in the subject line. Awesome vintage footage and great fan interaction from the past. Nice job all the way up to the present. Makes me excited for the future. Make sure you stay for the end, and then for the epilogue after the end ;)
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Springsteen and I, should have been twice as long!

By lgriese
Written February 12, 2016
As a Springsteen devotee of 40 years, this was a great tribute to the best performer of my lifetime. Fun interviews with fans, and the live footage from England 2012 at the end is worth the price of admission, especially the two songs with Paul McCartney! I would have enjoyed seeing some celebrity fan interviews, and it could have been much longer. I was moved to tears several times, moved once again by this amazing man!
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Great Job!

By harryconaway
Written February 07, 2016
Springsteen & I could have been way over the top, embarrassing, and all sorts of other extremes. But clearly smart, thoughtful people put it together, as it was well balanced, well paced, comfortably moved back and forth among highs and lows and various feelings ... much like a Springsteen concert. I went with people less fanatical than I, and they were surprised at how well done the movie was -- it drew them in and kept them very interested without making them feel like they were becoming extreme Bruce fans. I'm a long-time fan (many live shows), and I was afraid that the movie would be way too over the top. But all of us felt like the movie did a great job, without turning off viewers or fans coming from any of a wide range of possible pre-movie perceptions and expectations. Great job!
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"Springsteen & I"

By mrl18769
Written May 04, 2016
For most of us, true Springsteen aficionado', this was a fantastic close up, behind the scene footage that most fans are unable to be privy to Made me laugh, contemplate memories, life and even teared up during most of the interviewees who were selected to be showcased. Made you just cheer each of the selected individuals. Movie goers applauded during many of Bruce's concert footage and ending of movie in appreciation of the movie. Well done. The memories that each person shared on how they have been changed by the Boss himself, resonated a feeling in most of us in the theater we could all relate to with our own past concert memories. Truly, Bruce has touched many of us in a way that could only be explained as just being human beings struggle, successes and happiness of "growing up" My 3 words on how Springsteen means to me: "Oh My God" Life Long Friend Corazon de Todos (Everyones Heart) Heart and Soul Sincerely Marilyn:-)
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Love between fans and an artist

By Orhum
Written May 04, 2016
Great documentary that is about more than Bruce Springsteen's fans. It's a love letter to all the fans of any great artist, and about how both fan and artist form a pact that goes both ways. The fans were well chosen -- all different, but all sharing a huge love for this great artist. Clips, especially the older ones of young, feral Bruce, were amazing. Bruce is right to describe himself as a shaman, and the fans come to his altar to love, to learn, to be cleansed, and to have the best time ever. Thank you, Bruce!
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