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  • July 22, 2013
  • (Additonal screening on 7/30/13)
  • NR , 1 hr 45 min
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The Boss

By Daybreak42
Written January 29, 2015
Great movie foe the avid Springsteen fan. I was just jealous that I wasn't in it!!! Added bonus was that Sir Paul showed up at the end. Can't wait for the sequel.
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Great Bruce fix for a great price

By di31957
Written February 27, 2015
I am a die hard fan and have not seen Bruce in over a year so seeing him on the movie screen was perfect. Bruce fans are the best and the film showed how we are so similar no matter where we come from. I highly recommend even a skeptic to view the film. Awesome film of Bruce from many concerts intertwined with some wonderful fans. Bruce's love of music and people just shines through. He has always said I do it for the way it makes me feel. Me too.
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Thanks Bruce!

By gr8fulhorans
Written July 24, 2013
Great tribute to an awesome performer and his band! Brought me back to a time in my life that was amazing - Forgot about how much his music influenced my youth - best part is I got to see it with my 18 year old son!
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Springsteen & I

By sfachet
Written November 28, 2014
I saw this movie last night and loved it. This is a winner for Bruce fans. I took a friend of mine who likes Bruce but is not a hard core fan like I am and she loved it. Some of the videos were hilarious and many were heartwarming. I loved The King. 'Nuff said. Everyone in the audience laughed hysterically and booed when John suggested that Bruce shorten his concerts. He was especially funny in the Epilogue. The concert clips were wonderful. Loved the Born in the USA montage of clips showing Bruce as he has aged (he just gets better and better) through the years. Some idiots left during the credits and totally missed the concert footage from the Wrecking Ball Tour and the epilogue. I hope it is released on DVD. I will definitely purchase it and recommend it to all my friends who were unable to catch a showing. To those who will purchase it on DVD-don't turn it off when the credits start rolling. There is concert footage and an Epilogue.
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Springsteen & I

By jlcyogafish1
Written January 25, 2015
I have been following Bruce and the band and all of its variations since the mid 1970's. What struck me most about this newest mix of Bruce, the band, and all of his fans was that the people who were selected from the videos sent in and those selected to hang with Bruce, do a group hug were really ordinary, middle class people with a wonderful passion for the music, the man, and the mighty effort that he and his band put into each and every concert to be sure that each person there goes away feeling like the whole evening was dedicated just to them. I felt that way when I went to Wrigley Field last September. His songs speak to the collective consciousness of all his fans as well as everyone in the world whether they know and love his music or not. The clips that the Ridley Scott team chose to use in this movie were a wonderful mixture of the beginning of his career, the middle, and the ongoing since the end is not even in sight. My 3 words: Transforming, insightful, music.
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