• Released
  • July 22, 2013
  • (Additonal screening on 7/30/13)
  • NR , 1 hr 45 min
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Must see for all Bruce fans!

By wildrick
Written July 25, 2013
If you are a real fan, you MUST go to see this film. You will smile, you will laugh, you will cry and be touched down to your very soul when you see and hear other true fans who feel as we do about the man and the music, and how it has impacted our lives...when you hear how others feel about Bruce, you just want to shout "yes, this person totally gets it!!" I also brought my husband, who has been dragged to many shows with me and does enjoy Bruce, but isn't a true fan, and never understood how I can listen to the music constantly and go to soooo many shows! He really enjoyed it and I felt like he could maybe understand more about where I'm coming from now that he has heard so many others who feel like I do. I hope they do a wider release because I would see it again!
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Great Bruce fix for a great price

By di31957
Written July 31, 2013
I am a die hard fan and have not seen Bruce in over a year so seeing him on the movie screen was perfect. Bruce fans are the best and the film showed how we are so similar no matter where we come from. I highly recommend even a skeptic to view the film. Awesome film of Bruce from many concerts intertwined with some wonderful fans. Bruce's love of music and people just shines through. He has always said I do it for the way it makes me feel. Me too.
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Thanks Bruce!

By gr8fulhorans
Written July 24, 2013
Great tribute to an awesome performer and his band! Brought me back to a time in my life that was amazing - Forgot about how much his music influenced my youth - best part is I got to see it with my 18 year old son!
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By laurielanglois
Written July 23, 2013
was a lot of fun to see...a lot of old clips and new (enjoyed the personal stories from him and selected fans) just go!! it's great
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Springsteen and I rocks!

By bdtrooper4
Written July 31, 2013
The documentary, "Springsteen and I" is an extremely entertaining film that will be enjoyed by everyone. Consisting of testimonials from fans of Bruce who have either had an encounter with the man or are just devoted fans of him and his music, the movie is also sprinkled with performance segments from the early days right up to the present. What struck me most about the film was how funny it was, from the way people described their devotion, to their actual experiences with "The Boss". What was also cool was someone telling their story, and then showing the actual footage to back it up. My only criticism would be the director's ignorance of New Jersey, Springsteen's home state to which he has such a strong connection to. There is a special bond between Jersey's natives and Springsteen, so showing a couple of testimonials covering that would have completed the picture. From hilarious to heartfelt, "Springsteen and I" is one of the best music docs I've seen. Rock on, Bruce!
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