By jonathancarrillo81
Written August 14, 2013
This movie was utterly terrible unless u want to go watch this movie for the nudity its terrible save ur money people
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Crazy, Effed Up, And a Whole Lotta Fun!

By amandanatal
Written May 07, 2013
I saw "Spring Breakers" on my Spring Break and I absolutely loved it! It was filled with drugs, sex, partying, and crime.. All of which are usually not my favorite topics for movies. However, the mix between everything and the odd but completely perfect choice of a cast for this film, made it such an interesting, fun, and hilarious ride all the way through. James Franco was hysterical and the girls did a great job taking control of their not-so-usual roles in the film. Definitely a must-see from my perspective! My Rating: A+
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Has it's moments....

By Chuckbstbs07
Written March 25, 2013
Great visuals but not grounded in any type of reality. You find yourself wondering if you should take this serious in any kind of way. I think James Franco and Selena Gomez gave good performances.
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Spring Break

By drlevinstein
Written March 28, 2013
Yes horrifying and disturbing- the excess is the point.. James Franco - as always - worth the price of the admission- the direction and cinematography were interesting- some great mosaic shots and jump cuts- OK- not for the kiddies- for the film afficianados only .... the primary relationship is clearly between the ******* couple.. how rare is that to begin with???...So OK haters- I get it.. you don't want your Disney princesses to be antiheroes.. but there is clearly a moral voice in the film.. the fact that it is nuanced and subtle I actually prefer.. so not meant for everyone.. and the fact that there are primary ,secondary and tertiary layers to the film means that some viewers will respond to it on the purely manifest level (all the discussions of too much sex and violence etc) and then the complex latent level- I applaud the actresses for taking a risk- but as with any art- the masses are not really going to get it - or even supposed to get it...pack your knives and go-
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By peanutmnm89
Written July 28, 2013
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