Not for Spring Breakers!

By MedRed
Written November 29, 2014
If you're looking for a fun movie, this isn't it! Catch a showing of 21 & Over and call it a day. If I mentioned the words "hip hop", "dub step", "spring break", "T&A", and "hot chicks" you would think of fun movies along the lines of Project X, National Lampoon's Van Wilder, etc. WRONG! This movie is slow and boring. It tries to be artsy fartsy and ends up being a complete disaster. It seems like the critics love anything that's unconventional and looks like it was shot with an iPhone. The characters are bad, the acting is bad, the plot is bad, the script is bad. James Franco realizes that it was impossible for him to hold character or even his accent and decides to just play dress up and have fun. He did make me laugh twice. So far, this is the worst movie of the year. Reminder: If you are looking for a fun spring break movie, this isn't it! There are no scenes during or after the credits. If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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No point

By heyheyyou2121
Written July 27, 2013
Unless you like the party movies that have no point to it... Then you won't like this movie. All it is is people getting drunk and high. And I watched it because Selena Gomez and she is barely even in it!
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By jonathancarrillo81
Written November 26, 2014
This movie was utterly terrible unless u want to go watch this movie for the nudity its terrible save ur money people
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Terrible Movie

By michael-s-man
Written December 18, 2014
The good part about it is all of the nudity and partying. The bad thing is, that took up about 15 minutes of the movie. The rest was absolutely terrible. I went to a late showing and I was falling asleep. It was so long and drawn out and there was no plot at all. It just jumped around and you never knew what the heck was going on. It's hard to believe that you could make a movie with these actresses about spring break and make it that bad.
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Spring Breakers * Ive Finally Seen it !!

By Nickolas_87
Written March 23, 2013
I just got home from seeing "SPRING BREAKERS" at Edwards Theater. Spring Breakers was exactly what i thought it would be. It called Spring Breakers for a reason. Defiantly a whole lot of parties, sex & drugs. The whole stereotype of what Spring Break is. A group of friends who just wanted to have fun & one thing led to another. (James Franco) was Hilarious in this movie, Everyone was laughing in the theater room. Good Comedy mixed into it. ( SELENA GOMEZ ) played a character thats really true to her Real self. Real Conservative & having good conscience. I was expecting her to be More involved the whole movie! But her Role was well played. To everyone that disliked the movie, Come On Now! It was all expected. I STILL recommend people to see it for themselves before believing what others say! Its defiantly Entertaining ! Go See It!
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