If you Like Porn.

By ckubec
Written August 14, 2009
This movie was not great the main character is a homeless, car less, jobless, person who somehow manages to go to a club one night and just pick a women out and then somehow manage to take her to her home and sleep with her within 30 seconds which if you don't know the person you wouldn't do. The Story is bland and has a message of what comes around goes around. There is some female nudity giving its rating. Otherwise acting was non believable and the central character hops house from house with no cares. There isn't much more to say other then I give this a D+ and suggest you go see a different movie instead.
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By dansportskid4
Written July 13, 2012
Although there is a lot of bad acting in this movie, Ashton Kutcher's sex scenes make up for it. Very graphic but very sexy. Easy to get off too.
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if you like Ashton Kutcher

By mdasse02
Written August 15, 2009
Well if you like Ashton Kutcher at least you get to see some great sex scenes and a few *** shots. it was entertaining in that respect but the story itself wasn't that great and i didn't like the ending. So it's and ok movie to see, but you can wait for video, probably better to watch at home.
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“SPREAD” — GIGOLOS-’R-US: A story of Sex, Lies & FROGS = Rating: 6.5 of 10 stars.

By jimchudnow
Written August 14, 2009
My title above is quite accurate-- which might serve as a “cautionary” tale. The film’s trailers apparently don’t make clear this is a very R-rated project, with numerous graphic sex scenes by people such as Gigolo-For Hire Nikki (ASHTON KUTCHER, in one of his most “serious” & better-acted roles) & hot-to-trot Rich-Woman Samantha (ANNE HECHE). Ashton’s a calculating charmer if it gets him the easy-living he seeks— but it’s left him with few real friends outside of pet-lover Harry (SEBASTIAN STAN). Ashton (whose character is accurately described as “vacuous”’ at one point) is thrown for a loop when he meets initially-disinterested waitress Heather (MARGARITA LEVIEVA), &, partly because of her demeanor, he starts to “fall” for her. But, he learns there’s a very good REASON she’s “on” to him & his insincere ways. With all the sex displays, I must wonder just who this movie is really “aimed” at. A friend was nearly “apoplectic” at the indefinite end, tho I found it OK. It's NOT a comedy!
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By Blaaaxsierra
Written August 14, 2009
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