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A womanizer (Ashton Kutcher) who preys on the wealthy meets a waitress with similar ambitions.
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If you Like Porn.

By ckubec
This movie was not great the main character is a homeless, car less, jobless, person who somehow manages to go to a club one night and just pick a women out and then somehow manage to take her to her...


By dansportskid4
Although there is a lot of bad acting in this movie, Ashton Kutcher's sex scenes make up for it. Very graphic but very sexy. Easy to get off too....

“SPREAD” — GIGOLOS-’R-US: A story of Sex, Lies & FROGS = Rating: 6.5 of 10 stars.

By jimchudnow
My title above is quite accurate-- which might serve as a “cautionary” tale. The film’s trailers apparently don’t make clear this is a very R-rated project, with numerous graphic sex scenes by people...

if you like Ashton Kutcher

By mdasse02
Well if you like Ashton Kutcher at least you get to see some great sex scenes and a few *** shots. it was entertaining in that respect but the story itself wasn't that great and i didn't like the...


By Blaaaxsierra

Great Movie...alot of nakenes and sex

By evei74
Great movie, good story. Good to see Aston Kutcher doing a different role. Alot of sex i have to warn....

Boring Movie

By JSCVsports
Nicki (Ashton Kutcher) is a womanizing, homeless man that preys on older successful women such as Samantha (Anne Heche). During his stay with Samantha, he meets a beautiful young waitress Heather...

Good movie

By krissyc20
Going into this movie I thought I wasn't going to like it due to that there was going to be alot of sex. Actually it was really that bad but I did kringe a little, yes of course this movie is going...

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Rated R | For strong sexual content, nudity and language.
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Common Sense Media says Sexy-but-shallow grifter dramedy is too mature for kids.
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