Five Word Review

By xoandre
Written June 06, 2010
Ummm..... AnyoneEverHear OfAMovie Called SPECIES!!??
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By tennisguru
Written June 05, 2010
Ladies and Gentlemen this is the worst movie that I have ever seen. I would not recommend this to anyone..... If you want the spoiler alert which I would recommend you read continue down this page. First off this is not a scary movie at all. DUMB DUMB DUMB!!! First off this "creature" is really gay and second off it first has sex with the guy when "it" is a "girl" and later the testosterone increases and female hormones go away and it "turns" into a guy and then rapes the girl. First off it's just effed up and second it's just OMG what the freak is going on. Also way tooo many f words being spoken for no apparent reason. Please do not waste your hard earned money like I did on this stupid film.
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Dumb... Dumber.... REALLY Dumb... Just plain Stupid!

By Mr Tommy
Written June 05, 2010
The title says it all. I thought this show was going to be about talking heads as it was just plain dumb and boring. When he made love with the creature and was enjoying it... I never laughed so much in my whole life. I think the whole theatre was laughing. What made it even more funnier... his girlfriend walks in and see him making love to her and runs out and he is chasing after her with his pants down... How stupid is this... of course she made up to him all within 5 min. Now what woman would make up to her boyfriend within 5 min. after catching him with another woman..? This tells you how stupid this movie is. Don't waste your hard earn money on this one. I wish I could ask for it back.....
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splice review...

By klehtola
Written June 05, 2010
I disliked like this movie. I felt like I was misled by the trailer. It was much more disturbing then I thought due to the weird concepts of the relationships between the main characters. Don't see this movie. It is a waste of money and you leave the theater feeling like you saw something very wrong.
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wow...... not worth my time or money

By lovelykiaya
Written June 05, 2010
OK filming, acting, effects were all VERY good.. i mean VERY! but the story line was just DUMB! You were not scared at all, it had incest and that part was just grose! ohhh yeah and the fact that the movie is suppose to be scary and wasnt at all, EVERYONE laughed the whole way thru ... it was just comical!
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