Spirit of the Marathon (1/24/08) Synopsis
Runners, comprising three amateurs and two elite racers, train and compete in the Chicago Marathon.
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By jaherrma
This movie is very inspirational and interesting. Not only was it fun to see and hear the stories of all types of marathon runners, but watching the movie with a crowd of runners added so much to...

Spirit of the Marathon

By acw1017
A must see for someone thinking of running a marathon/half marathon, or someone who has loved ones who are runners. It provides some insight on what it takes to prepare for a marathon and the...

Definitely worth it

By gatorrunner
Great movie. It was very interesting and motivating even for non-runners. It got me excited about my next event. It was also interesting to see other runners lives and how they manage to fit it...

Spirit of the Marathon

By Mark Courter
Great movie!...

Gotta See It

By mindbullets
This documentary was excellent. It allowed any type of runner, ranging from the beginner to the elite to be inspired....

Spirit of the Marathon

By clairereid
It was wonderful! I have run many marathons in the past 20 years, and I could identify with the 1st time runners. I am not planning to run another marathon, but I certainly felt like putting on...

Run to see this movie!

By rockjagg
Great film that a runner and non-runner will like for its accurate portrayal of the various types of marathon runners: the elites, the first-timers, the experienced multiple marathoner running for a...

Spirit of the Marathon

By June_uk
This was a educational film, which was very interesting and good. Keeps you fully absorbed in the film and people who are training. It is a motivator for anyone running a marathon or planning to....

Highly inspirational

By Heatherunning
This is a great do***entary for veteran and new runners alike. Pros will enjoy watching the elites in action, as well as their candid interviews. New runners, especially first-time marathoners, are...

Spirit of the marathon.. simply breathtaking!

By RunningRoentgen
I went for the Jan 24 screening in Minneapolis. Right from the start, the cinematography, music and character portrayals swept me off my feet. I was thoroughly engaged in the movie, as were all the...

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