Spirit of Marathon !!

By BearBacker
Written June 26, 2016
Absolutely inspiring film. Makes you want to go run a marathon, or, if you're not a runner, makes you want to start. The personal stories were grip-ing and fascinating. And, the photography was beautiful! You MUST go see this firm!
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By syndie403
Written April 04, 2017
Absolutely loved this movie!! I am a "new" runner, didn't really start running until my 40s. I can admit to hating running when I was younger, and the thought of doing a half marathon (let alone a full marathon) seemed pretty impossible. Now 4 years, 9 halves and 5 fulls later...I am addicted. With the different athletes that the movie follows there is someone for everyone to relate to and to fall in love with. The stories made me cry and made me laugh. With the tragedy that occurred in Boston this year, this movie brings light to the joy of running and what it means to us. Very appropriate to all ages & would highly recommend for the families of runner to see this to help them understand why we do, what we do.
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Spirit of the Marathon II

By cs500
Written October 21, 2016
This movie is a sequel from the first "Spirit of the Marathon" movie. This movie revolves around the Rome marathon that takes place in Italy. The movie is completely different with some thematic elements that do relate to the first movie. The interviews with marathon greats are excellent and the stories of the seven runners are unique. Jon Dunham's quest of bringing us another marathon movie has scored a resounding success. Cinematography, sound, excellent editing and topped with a beautiful and unique music sountrack by Jeff Beal make the movie a rich and visual experience. You will enjoy the stories, Rome, and all the elements that make this marathon a success. The 1 hour and 45 min of the movie disappears so fast that you walk out of the theater as if you had just ade seven new friends. This movie is for runners and non runners, and for all ages. So come and experience this fantastic marathon story.
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Thinking of running a marathon? See this film!

By bronte16
Written October 27, 2016
Even after running eighteen marathons, a film like this makes me tear up! The shots of the Rome Marathon are stunning and -- just like the first Spirit of the Marathon -- the film focuses on a handful of runners that could represent any one of us. There is something so hard to articulate to anyone who doesn't run exactly WHY folks take on the marathon but this film gets pretty close to describing that feeling! And I love, love, love that so many of the running greats in this world are also included (especially my favorites Paula Radcliffe and Epiphanie Nyirabarame).
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Inspiring and awesome

By jeanniewangod
Written April 25, 2017
SEE the movie, stay for the double feature after the credits, extra interviews and film on Team World Vision. Makes you want to leave the movies, grab a good pizza and of course run a marathon!
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