Spirit of Marathon II Synopsis
Stefano Baldini, Paula Radcliffe and others lend insight into the preparation of the Rome Marathon.

Movie Reviews

Interesting but a little disappointing

By sminds
I have watched the original "Spirit of the Marathon" several times, always enjoying it. I was concerned that a sequel would be difficult to pull off, as it would either need to completely rework the...

Every runner needs to see this movie!

By kimmiepcft
What an amazing tribute to every level of runner! From first time marathoners, to seasoned marathoners, to professionals, this movie touches it all. It shared their touching stories, their triumphs,...


By movieman1261
This movie tracks 7 athletes, training for and running the Rome Marathon. Their personal stories are interleaved with general marathon background and history and plays mostly with the stunning...

Spirit of the Marathon II

By THE_jlo
In the same vein as the original - following several runners - from beginners to professionals - through their training to a marathon. This one in Rome, Italy. Cuts from the race to the back story...

Not Just A Runnig Movie!!

By daveoliva
First of all, I am not a runner, nor will I ever be. However my wife is and that is why I went to see this. I went there with no expectations on how this movie was going to be. I seen a little of the...

Spirit of Marathon II

By ydy
Excellent movie; very inspirational....not only for those interested in running ...but those who have dreams that they are afraid to pursue......to step outside their comfort zone and Go For It....no...

Spirit of the Marathon II

By lorianpetry
I'm not a runner and yet I felt as if I part of the sport. This movie did a phenomenal job of capturing the essence of the competition. It wasn't a glamorous look at something that you knew had...

SPIRIT 2 - Amazing Work

By DavidALevi
I must say the piecing together of this story was impressive. The director seemed to know exactly how and when to pull on the emotional strings of the audience. Much better than the first on, and...


By 2chic
If you've already run a marathon or if you're just thinking about it, see this movie. The movie follows first timers, old timers and elites. You'll clap, you may cry, and you will cheer....

Spirit of the marathon II

By iluv2cmscrap
What an inspirational movie! I'm new to running and about to run my first 1/2 marathon in a few months. This film gave me the motivation to run a full marathon! Who knows, maybe I, to, will run in...

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