Faux “modern filmic style” trying to distract us from inept storytelling.

By Grrrrr
Written January 20, 2017
SPIDERS 3-D should be titled SPIDERS 2.25-D since there is just not enough depth in the film to qualify it as 3D at all. This film is actually a remake of the Boaz Davison-written 2000 rip-off called SPIDERS. Like the original film, a satellite holding a genetic experiment falls back to earth -- only, this time, landing in New York City … or, more accurately, onto the same three block Bulgarian NY backlot set that we will see over & over. The normal tarantula-sized subjects scuttle out of their wrecked cylinder and quickly start ravaging the denizens of the NY subway system -- starting with rats and then working their way up to a hapless subway worker within whose body they plant their queen’s egg! Then, of course, the spiders (bred in a zero-gravity orbit, mind you) begin growing to considerable size … for no reason. Cut to the subway system manager, Jason (Patrick Muldoon), examining the dead worker’s sliced open corpse, and from there we go.
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By anthonyyanez14
Written July 31, 2016
this movie is awesome!:)
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