By awesomekid
Written August 20, 2008
Action Great Movie!
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Spider - Man

By juanton100
Written June 28, 2008
I liked the fact that they actually used Tobey Maguire as a(n) hero. This movie was very outstanding.
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this is the best of the 3

By defunctzombie
Written July 27, 2008
I really liked the Goblin. Way better than the other Spidey villains.
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By thetannight
Written November 05, 2008
better than 3or2 best spiderman ever made
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Wasn't As Great As Everyone Makes It Out To Be

By Dark Hunter
Written October 05, 2007
The movie was alright but it had was way too girly of a story... alot of people say the first spider-man movie was the best but I think its the other way around. The second movie was much more action packed then the first and by the third it finally felt like a comic book, heck--- I'll take 3 villains anyday. Too much content? Everyone must be nuts. As far as seeing the whole series together I would see this movie first because it builds the story and you won't understand what's going on in the other movies without seeing this one first. 5 years ago when this movie came out I would have probably given it a go or must go rating... but now that I've seen the second and third movies; I feel that this movie really hasn't aged all that well as far as a "action" movie should have.
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