The Third Time's Not Quite the Charm

By cwalton
Written May 14, 2007
The third in the Spidey series has its moments, but overall, there's something missing. I liked the new villains. Thomas Haden Church brings some genuine emotion to his conflicted Sandman. Topher Grace is as smarmy as can be as a rival photographer who eventually morphs into the truly terrifying Venom. But there are too many storylines here, and the ones that keep getting repeated every Spider-Man installment (especially the relationship between Peter Parker and MJ) are starting to feel a bit tired. If they make another, and given the success of this one, I'm sure they will, it may be time to turn over the reigns to a new filmmaker and cast who'll bring something inspired to the table...just like the current crew did with the first two entries, which were fresh but familiar spins on what's a dependable and always well-received franchise.
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it sucked

By acheffer
Written May 06, 2007
worst of the three movies by far.
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Perfect Movie!

By BlackSpidey
Written May 04, 2007
Wow. what can I say about this movie other than the fact that it is AMAZING! Sandman is awesome, New Goblin is Awesome and Venom is Awesome. The fight scenes are great and it has many laughs as well. This movie is perfect even if you are not a fan of the previous Spidey films.
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Must SEE Spiderman 3!

By jonimartin2004
Written May 02, 2007
I went to the premiere in NYC. From the very first scenes it was action packed it had a great plot, it was humerous, and it taught a lesson. This is Sam Raimi's best work yet. I loved the first two movies, but this one surpasses them both!
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Spider-Man 3 IMAX!!!

By zathan
Written May 03, 2007

Just watched it on IMAX! Special effects kicked ***! There was way to much drama in the 3rd as how 3rds always are. Every main character shed a tear.. and i mean everyone! Sandman was awesome, love his story and how it unfolded. Venom was a bit on the thin/small compared to the comic but bearable. Didn't like his voice to much. All in all this is the movie to go see! Especially in IMAX!!!

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