Rad Goblin

By bistro39
Written May 05, 2007
Saw the film in IMAX and was impressed. The new Green Goblin rocks. Just in case you wonder ... the green fans on his skateboard-style glider are not for propulsion, they produce suction to keep his feet on the board. Awesome, huh? Stop reading these reviews and see the film!
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By rajimax
Written June 06, 2007
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Excellent Movie Even With Its Flaws

By joey8664
Written November 18, 2007
You miss nothing by not seeing it on IMAX. The top and bottom of the screen is cut off dramatically and gives you the feeling of watching a letterbox film instead of a full screen. It's still a bit bigger than a regular theater screen but not enough to justify the extra cost. The special effects are so impressive that they'll play big on any size screen. The movie moves along at a very good pace connecting the different storylines together but I was surprised that a superb actress like Bryce Dallas Howard would take such a meaningless supporting role that had no impact on the story. There is also quite a bit of male vulnerability in a movie that is so high on action but they manage to include some very funny scenes as well. The action scenes are very ambitious and grand in scale and the Hob Goblin is not just a throw-in to the plot. The climactic battle contains some magnificent special effects and a surprise that had the audience whooping it up. I highly recommend it.
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By Jewelsie44
Written May 09, 2007
I just bought tickets on this site... go to the main page and make sure you click at the bottom of the spider man pic that says buy you have to click right on it to enter the buy ticket area...
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Unbelievable! WOW!

By EquusFemina
Written May 04, 2007
This movie is incredible! The absolute MUST SEE of the year, maybe of the decade! Romance, mindblowing action, gutbusting comedy, plenty of villains and interesting twists. What a way to wrap up the trilogy! It doesn't get much better than this! Spidey 3 tops the first two films combined! You don't want to miss this on the big screen, it's pure fun and excitement! Lots of laughter and tears too! MUST GO!
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