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Great Movie

By awesomekid
Written August 20, 2008
The Series of Spiderman is awsome and so is this
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Spider - Man 2

By juanton100
Written June 28, 2008
This movie was also as good as the first.
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The Best Spider Man!

By sodapop1
Written June 17, 2008
Spider- Man 2 is probably the best Spider-Man ever. It is an action-packed film with the legendary Spider-Man vs. Dr. Ock! The actors and actresses did a excellent performance! Kirsten Dunst as Peter Parker's lover Mary Jane Watson was good! Tobey McGuire and James Franco did great! Sam Raimi did once again a good job in the thriller Spider-Man series. I totally recommend this to people who love action packed adventures! So definitely see it! You'll love it!
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Spider-Man 2

By T_Jackson
Written July 10, 2012
I didn't rate This (2004) release when it came out originally. It is a MASTERPIECE!
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By jdcook913
Written February 22, 2013
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