Spider-Man (2002) Synopsis
A radioactive spider bite gives a man superhuman powers.
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By awesomekid
Action Great Movie!...

Spider - Man

By juanton100
I liked the fact that they actually used Tobey Maguire as a(n) hero. This movie was very outstanding....

this is the best of the 3

By defunctzombie
I really liked the Goblin. Way better than the other Spidey villains....

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By montesalex96
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Wasn't As Great As Everyone Makes It Out To Be

By Dark Hunter
The movie was alright but it had was way too girly of a story... alot of people say the first spider-man movie was the best but I think its the other way around. The second movie was much more action...

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By jennifernyc
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By thetannight
better than 3or2 best spiderman ever made...


By ggbull
a very good movie that my parents loved!!!...

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By wsotelo24
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Good but not Great

By MongrolMan
This movie was a good start to the Spider-Man franchise. William Dafoe was the cornerstone of this movie. He can switch his character like switch and be someone completely different in a snap....

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Rated PG-13