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The Third Time's Not Quite the Charm

By cwalton
Written May 14, 2007
The third in the Spidey series has its moments, but overall, there's something missing. I liked the new villains. Thomas Haden Church brings some genuine emotion to his conflicted Sandman. Topher Grace is as smarmy as can be as a rival photographer who eventually morphs into the truly terrifying Venom. But there are too many storylines here, and the ones that keep getting repeated every Spider-Man installment (especially the relationship between Peter Parker and MJ) are starting to feel a bit tired. If they make another, and given the success of this one, I'm sure they will, it may be time to turn over the reigns to a new filmmaker and cast who'll bring something inspired to the table...just like the current crew did with the first two entries, which were fresh but familiar spins on what's a dependable and always well-received franchise.
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Spiderman 3

Written April 29, 2007
The bootleg version is really good from the UK! I guarantee the 2 hour movie will be worth your while! Wait till the end of the movie after the credits for the secret scene. There's a spoof of The Justice League the movie.
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Nuff Said!

By AndyZ
Written May 07, 2007
Oh how the mighty have fallen. How did this happen? Why do all great comic book movies fall flat on their faces in Movie number 3 (think Batman, Superman, X-men)? This movie is laughably bad bordering on unwatchable. AND WHO SAID THEY COULD CHANGE ALL THOSE ORIGINAL STORY LINES? Peter Parker turns into a self absorbed ego maicial self centered pompus ***and he takes Spider-man with him! The 2 of them are a match made in heaven MAry Jane has gone from Off Broadway rising star to "one night wonder" in the blink of an eye. Sandman as the killer of Ben Parker??? WTF??? And Venom is about as menacing as a house cat who just got declawed. Venom? They should just call him loserand be done with it. And Harry, poor Harry. He hates, he loves, he hates again-so many stages of mind, so little time. I'm sorry but Gobby Jr as a hero? Gwen Stacy is another wasted character, played with sex appeal but no PLUCK by the amazing looking daughter of OPIE TAYLOR! All in all this is no way to waste $250mil
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it sucked

By acheffer
Written May 06, 2007
worst of the three movies by far.
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do not go see this movie...waste of money!

By stepheckard
Written May 05, 2007
worst movie ever, almost. comparable to pirates of the caribbean 2. terrible acting, gaps in plot, and only a few good action scenes. seriously, don't go see this movie.
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