Spencer Garrett

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Viola Davis Blackhat
2015 Pierce Brosnan No Escape
2015 Owen Wilson No Escape
2013 Jon Favreau Iron Man 3
2013 Robert Downey, Jr. Iron Man 3
2013 Miguel Ferrer Iron Man 3
2013 Gwyneth Paltrow Iron Man 3
2013 Ben Kingsley Iron Man 3
2013 Paul Bettany Iron Man 3
2013 Guy Pearce Iron Man 3
2013 Don Cheadle Iron Man 3
2013 Stan Lee Iron Man 3
2013 Alfred Molina The Truth About Emanuel
2013 Frances O'Connor The Truth About Emanuel
2012 Alex Hyde-White Game Change
2012 Woody Harrelson Game Change
2012 Ed Harris Game Change
2012 Julianne Moore Game Change
2012 Peter MacNicol Game Change
2012 Jamey Sheridan Game Change
2010 Tate Donovan Below the Beltway
2010 Kevin Spacey Casino Jack
2010 Graham Greene Casino Jack
2010 Kelly Preston Casino Jack
2010 Jon Lovitz Casino Jack
2010 Barry Pepper Casino Jack
2010 Maury Chaykin Casino Jack
2010 Emilio Estevez The Way
2010 Martin Sheen The Way
2010 Tchéky Karyo The Way
2010 Deborah Kara Unger The Way
2010 Ángela Molina The Way
2009 James Brolin Bitter/Sweet
2009 Johnny Depp Public Enemies
2009 James Russo Public Enemies
2009 Christian Bale Public Enemies
2009 Stephen Dorff Public Enemies
2009 Casey Siemaszko Public Enemies
2009 Stephen Lang Public Enemies
2009 Leelee Sobieski Public Enemies
2009 Giovanni Ribisi Public Enemies
2009 Lili Taylor Public Enemies
2009 Billy Crudup Public Enemies
2008 Kevin Spacey 21
2008 Laurence Fishburne 21
2008 Kate Bosworth 21
2008 John Michael Higgins Yes Man
2008 Jim Carrey Yes Man
2008 Terence Stamp Yes Man
2007 Julia Ormond I Know Who Killed Me
2007 Neal McDonough I Know Who Killed Me
2007 Lindsay Lohan I Know Who Killed Me
2006 Shia LaBeouf Bobby
2006 Lindsay Lohan Bobby
2006 Harry Belafonte Bobby
2006 Martin Sheen Bobby
2006 Demi Moore Bobby
2006 Emilio Estevez Bobby
2006 Anthony Hopkins Bobby
2006 Heather Graham Bobby
2006 Sharon Stone Bobby
2006 Elijah Wood Bobby
2006 William H. Macy Bobby
2006 Christian Slater Bobby
2006 Laurence Fishburne Bobby
2006 Helen Hunt Bobby
2006 Billy Zane Valley of the Wolves - Irak
2006 Gary Busey Valley of the Wolves - Irak
2005 Rob Lowe Thank You for Smoking
2005 Sam Elliott Thank You for Smoking
2005 William H. Macy Thank You for Smoking
2005 J.K. Simmons Thank You for Smoking
2005 Robert Duvall Thank You for Smoking
2005 Aaron Eckhart Thank You for Smoking
2005 Maria Bello Thank You for Smoking
2003 Kelsey Grammer Gary the Rat [Animated Series]
2002 J.K. Simmons Law & Order: Born Again
2000 J.K. Simmons Law & Order: Untitled
2000 William H. Macy Sports Night: And the Crowd Goes Wild
1999 Charles Durning Hostage Hotel
1999 Keith Carradine Hostage Hotel
1999 Burt Reynolds Hostage Hotel
1999 Tyne Daly Judging Amy: Season 01
1999 Cynthia Nixon Touched by an Angel: Into the Fire
1998 Marlo Thomas Starstruck
1998 Clarence Williams III Starstruck
1997 Wendy Crewson Air Force One
1997 Glenn Close Air Force One
1997 Philip Baker Hall Air Force One
1997 Harrison Ford Air Force One
1997 Gary Oldman Air Force One
1997 Dean Stockwell Air Force One
1997 William H. Macy Air Force One
1997 Jürgen Prochnow Air Force One
1996 Viggo Mortensen Albino Alligator
1996 Joe Mantegna Albino Alligator
1996 Gary Sinise Albino Alligator
1996 M. Emmet Walsh Albino Alligator
1996 William Fichtner Albino Alligator
1996 Matt Dillon Albino Alligator
1996 Faye Dunaway Albino Alligator
1996 Lee Garlington Driven
1993 Herb Edelman Murder, She Wrote: Murder at a Discount
1993 George Segal Murder, She Wrote: Murder at a Discount
1991 Jean Simmons Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Drumhead
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