Speed Racer Synopsis
Speed (Emile Hirsch) enters a grueling, cross-country auto race in defiance of a corrupt mogul.
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Bring your inner 10-year old

By RandytheMovieFan
OK, I was a fan of the original Speed Racer cartoon series 40 years ago, meaning I'm now 40 years older than the target demographic of 10-year old boys. But if you don't expect more than a movie...

Fun Movie, Great Effects...story confusing at times.

By KnicksDiva
As expected, the movie was visually stunning! Kids of ALL ages will enjoy this movie. I would recommend however that you go in there expecting a movie purely for entertainment purposes. There were...

Go Go Go!

By caskey
It's actually really good. I enjoyed it as an art piece. It is really different from anything else I've seen. I love the way it is edited… the characters and props swiping the screen. It's really...

Speed Racer: A total drag

By Bexgrl
This movie will either total suck or be wicked sweet. But why see this when you can go see Iron Man???...


By jimchudnow
[From an advance screening:] This is basically an extended live-action CARTOON (reprising elements of the animated TV series from the late ’60’s). EMILE HIRSCH plays the sometimes-conflicted...

Can't Wait

By It'sMe95
OMG I am going to see this movie in IMAX It is going to rock I can't wait...

Great Movie

A ery great movie, should go!...


By austin364
this movie looks sooooooo gay it is not even funny the boy sounds soooooooo retarted when he said go speed gooo...

Parents Beware

By gcomara
I took three 6 year olds today. Overall they loved the movie and were on the edge of their seats at the end. Bouncing up and down excited! HOWEVER, I almost walked out. The word 'Ass' was used...

its otay!!

By captaincrunch1445
not a big fan of these movie types. I hope this movie isn't as much CGI as it looks in the traliers cuz it looks really corny. It would be soo sweet if this racing movie was like fast and furious,...

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Rated PG | For sequences of action, some violence and language
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Common Sense Media says Action-packed kids' film fun, with a few sputters.
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