Bringing a classic to life....

By cmacey78
Written May 09, 2008
Well I have just seen Speed Racer and I must admit that they created something really unique. I mean thats nothing different coming from the Wachowskis'. This movie was just a blast and a ton of fun. Right from the beginning, you are immersed into this world of the Racer family. From the cars, the tracks, and finally to the BRILLIANT colors, this movie is really something to behold. If you have ever seen the TV show, then you will be pleasantly surprised right down to the slightest minute detail of the sometimes crazy and campy fun that goes on in the film. There were a few moments that I was just scratching my head, but then crazy scenes and colors just pulled me right back into the story. If you get to see this movie, I would say see it in Digital Projection or IMAX, just for the fact that is the way this film should be experienced. Finally, all I can say is take a chance, try it out. You'll either like it or hate it, but in the end, you'lll have experienced something unique
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A Whole Lot of ... What?

By TedK817
Written May 08, 2008
Yes, I was a fan of SPEED RACER almost from when it first started airing on American television. I really didn't care for it much, but it beat doing my homework. The MATRIX creators throw every color of the spectrum at us in the most colorful movie since **** TRACY. Unfortunately, they want to be SO splashy and SO stylish, that the story gets run over. I found no one interesting in this movie. John Goodman tries his best (and you can see his weight actually fluctuate from scene to scene. Reshoots, anyone?). Susan Sarandon is still hot, even as a June Cleaver clone. But I didn't care about anyone, or any of the races, or the outcome or anything. The races are SO outlandish that instead of being exciting, I couldn't wait for them to be over so there would be a scene worth following. Pretty colors, though. And I imagine under the influence of various "substances" SPEED RACER would be a mindblower. Instead, it's a visually fascinating flat tire.
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I'm soo dizzy. This is not to be seen on IMAX screen.

By poekmi endabuddho
Written May 02, 2008
Unless you liking to be so dizzy you may pook. i closing my eyes too much to enjoying movie. next time i seeing it on regooler screening.
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i am so going

By junoluver101
Written April 05, 2008
going to that the day it comes out!!!
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Imax is the way to go!

By Brunswick
Written May 16, 2008
The movie was kool, mixed colorful animation with live action. And the Imax experience was great. It was very psychedelic. I recommend taking some shrooms, smoking some bowls, or at least pounding a couple beers so that you may appreciate the movie a bit more.
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