Speed Racer: The IMAX Experience Synopsis
Speed (Emile Hirsch) enters a grueling, cross-country auto race in defiance of a corrupt mogul.

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Bringing a classic to life....

By cmacey78
Well I have just seen Speed Racer and I must admit that they created something really unique. I mean thats nothing different coming from the Wachowskis'. This movie was just a blast and a ton of...

A Whole Lot of ... What?

By TedK817
Yes, I was a fan of SPEED RACER almost from when it first started airing on American television. I really didn't care for it much, but it beat doing my homework. The MATRIX creators throw every...

I'm soo dizzy. This is not to be seen on IMAX screen.

By poekmi endabuddho
Unless you liking to be so dizzy you may pook. i closing my eyes too much to enjoying movie. next time i seeing it on regooler screening....

i am so going

By junoluver101
going to that the day it comes out!!!...

Imax is the way to go!

By Brunswick
The movie was kool, mixed colorful animation with live action. And the Imax experience was great. It was very psychedelic. I recommend taking some shrooms, smoking some bowls, or at least pounding...

Don't waste your money, go see Iron man instead

By virago812
Dumb movie...

Action! Action! Action!

By chriska
My husband has been very excited for the Speed Racer movie for a long time. He was a big fan of the cartoon from his childhood and wanted to see if the movie could live up to his imaginings. Speed...

Very entertaining--the family will enjoy it.

By madthinker
I liked this movie a lot. It's campy, corny, and a lot of fun. I hear people complaining about CGI, of course there is CGI--it's stupid to even mention it. This movie has no basis in reality. It...

This is terrific

By angelhug
I took my son to see this because he has been wanting to see the movie since he heard about it. I went thinking ok, I grew up on Speed Racer and it will be a cute kids movie. Oh my gosh, I fell in...

Go, Speed Racer, Go!

By scolegg
If you're a kid or you're an adult that loved the old Speed Racer cartoon, you'll love this movie. If you've never seen the old cartoon, you may not get the movie thinking it's too different. The...

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Rated PG | For sequences of action, some violence and language
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Common Sense Media says Action-packed kids' film fun, with a few sputters.
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