Not what I expected

By twilightforever2010
Written January 02, 2013
It was ok but singing was not as good as original at all.
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Worth the price of admission

By whirlwind360
Written September 04, 2012
Who played Sissy?? Whitney, pro performance, Justin Sparks, as we see her emerge as an actress, Oscar worthy. I love Sissy's performance and walking away from the movie I don't know who played her? help me. Cee Low Green, excellent supporting roll segment.
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Sparkle Review

By gerard0722
Written August 20, 2012
I went to see Sparkle 3 times.. It was a good movie.. I loved the first Sparkle movie much better, but this movie had it's good and bad..
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Sparks Sparkles!

By HWolfe3
Written September 10, 2012
I thought Sparkle was a great movie! Filmed in my hometown of Detroit, I thought it captured the essence of the Motown era of the late 1960's. I thought the performances were excellent as Jordin Sparks did an excellent job. Whitney Houstin did a nice job as their mother in her final performance and overall, I thought the casting and direction were top notch. I thought the cinematography was shakey (literally) at first but it got better along with quality editing.The costumes were fabulous. I saw the original Sparkle with Irene Cara, Lonetta McGhee and Phillip Michael Thomas and I can honestly say this one may have been better, a must see!
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By Cary_Baseball_Mom
Written August 17, 2012
I LOVED IT! All of the ladies looked absolutely gorgeous and their voices were beautiful. Whitney Houston did a magnificent job in her final curtain call. We will always love you Whitney xoxoxo………
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