SPARKLE FIZZLES...... Top Ten Reasons Why

By Kisses2Blow
Written December 05, 2012
I was just as excited as anyone to see the new Sparkle movie. Jordin Sparks. Whitney Houston. Mike Epps. Derek Luke. Tika Sumpter. The Gorgeous Lady as Sister. The cast was PERFECT!! You couldn't ask for a better cast. The story was a simple love story you can't mess it up! As I sat in anticipation and awe at the master piece I just knew was about to unveil my hopes and dreams were slowly crushed. Moment after moment had been rewritten and "updated" into something so far from the original story that except from a few key scenes it was almost unrecognizable. How could they have missed such a LARGE mark? I was crushed. Here are the TOP TEN reason why Sparkle the REMAKE missed the mark. 10. Last Song Wrong SONG One Wing would have made an amazing funeral song. *wink wink* The ending was supposed to be about Sparkles break through... Check out my blog for the rest of this review and others @ theymissedthemark.blogspot dot com
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Sparkle- review Opinion

By saydbenz
Written August 20, 2012
The cast? Mike Epps shudna played Statin Struthers! If any1 knows the REAL SPARKLE movie..Satin wasnt a comic. He was a PIMP/HUSTLER. He didnt even fit the physical profile! Sparks = great Sparkle. "Whitney's role was great despite the fact the real mother (Mary Alice)was a domestic worker & (the home life twist & all). The dude that playe STICKS shuda been Levi! The Original Story line, shoulda remained the same! THE GUY THAT PLAYED LEVI SHUDA BEEN STICKS! Once again the physical look. (only folks who can identify w/ the REAL SPARKLE movie can relate). There was only a few lines that were identical to the original movie. (thumbs down). Also, I assume Tamala Mann was suppose to be Mrs Waters (the funny neighbor)? It was way too many changes in the movie. The worst thing was the Dance/chorogr to "Giving Him Something He Can Feel".Come on now!?..They didnt even give up the famous hand movements every1 does when they hear the song. Overall its was just ok. im a oldhead Im just sayn?!
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By mbell615
Written August 18, 2012
The story line was so weak. They should have done a true remake. Sister can not sing and she looked older then Whitney Houston. I was so disappointed. Don't waste your time or money just rent the Irene Cara movie.
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Sparkle was nice

By MrsDezi
Written April 22, 2013
This movie had a great cast, and I did not enjoy Mike Epps being a bad guy. He probably wanted the more serious pimp like role, but I expected more jokes.
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By sandykm
Written August 18, 2012
It was a delightful movie that brought tears to my eyes. It was bittersweet to see Whitney. She looked so healthy. Overall, I feel too loyal to the original to say that Sparkle 2012 was better, but I definitely give the producers an A+ for keeping just the right balance of respecting the 76 Sparkle but telling their own story in 2012. One more thing: That Jordan can SANG!!!!! Not sing, SANG!!!
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