Insightful window into a very special place

By mollyflanagan
Written August 19, 2013
There are so many stories to tell about the amazing place that it Burning Man, and Spark selects a few great ones. Together, the stories reveal some important strands of the Burning Man event, its history and its possible future directions. I would recommend this film to anyone wanting to learn more about Burning Man, the magic, sweat and tears that go into its creation each year. Bravo!
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must see for anybody

By yudinmike
Written August 16, 2013
This movie is about the most important cultural phenomenon of our lifetimes. It is beautifully done and goes to the roots of it which is always very interesting.
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Best Burning Man Movie Ever!!!

By guyfrazier
Written August 17, 2013
The title pretty much says it all. I've been there twice and I wish it could be required viewing for all burner virgins before they go out to the playa. It talks about the 12 principles and reminds us that we should also be using them in our daily lives. The movie captures some of the angst and compassion of the artists who bring creativity to the playa, the camp organizers, the leaders of Burning Man and some of the growing issues they've had over the years. It even goes into the ticket fiasco of 2012 and you could see the pain in there eyes as they realized that something had to be done and they stepped up and got more creative and ensured some additional tickets got to many that really needed them. I'll be gifting this video to many over the coming years!!! Thank You for creating such a great movie!! Guy (playa name = Wild Rose) Play)A(Skool
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amazing behind the scenes look

By fandango430201610
Written August 16, 2013
whether you have been to the playa or not, this is an amazing movie!
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